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Bang Out a Carbeth


I like your stripe treatment - very pretty.


This is two week’s progress. Such a fun knit. Will be done well before our winter comes. And my first Kate Davies design. Thanks MDK!


I finished this late last week and blocked it on Saturday, but it wasn’t dry until Tuesday! The plate worked well on the neck although after I took this photos I swapped it for a slightly smaller one. The finished product looks great on the recipient too, and she seems happy with it. I loved the pattern, and it is tempting to make another, but I’ve alredy got too many other things on the go…


Weaving in the ends! I banged out a Carbeth! Gotta find the perfect blocking plate then give it a dunk, so maybe pix on Friday?


All done!


I really love this. The colors are just amazing.


Getting closer. My desk is looking a lot like I’ve been knitting like mad these past couple of days. I am so close that I’m calling today February 29th! We’ll see how today goes. I reserve the right to add Feb 30th, if necessary.


Why didn’t I think of that??? It may take me until February 31st, but I can get mine done!


Thank you! It’s all about the helical stripes. Without them it would just be big blotches of colour in this slow changing gradient yarn. The colours are what is making this such a compelling knit. The finished sweaters look pretty good too!


Finished knitting on Feb 28, blocking on March 1 (or Feb 29 if you prefer). As Kate suggested, I put it on to see about the neck length & now I’m concerned that the upper arm circumference is too tight. Blocking to measurements, also as suggested, but can’t quite make the arms big enough around. So we’ll just have to see. This was a very fun project for the end of winter. Cool temps and roaring winds predicted at my house tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get an outdoor pic of the completely finished sweater.


Officially finished on 2/27 but couldn’t block until this morning. Impatiently waiting for it to dry!


loving that pink! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


I’m really glad there are two more days to go in this year’s February! I have to sort out an issue with the sleeves and I think it’s getting a little late for “problem solving”.


The infamous bathroom mirror photo


Congratulations!!! Isn’t it great to finish a sweater so quickly?


Thar she blocks! Finished knitting late on the 28th (in an emergency room, no less; everyone’s fine). Oh sure, I can see where the two different dye lots meet, but whatever. This sweater is going to be great. I made the second size but knit the body for 9 1/2 inches instead because I’m long-waisted. Sweet!


I’m so chuffed to have finished my Carbeth. This yarn waited for nearly 20 years in my stash for its destiny and it is Carbeth. All done except for the blocking.


Oh, way to go, Fran! You look wonderful in your Carbeth. Happy weekend to you!


Oh, hope everybody’s OK over there . . .

This looks swell–and I think you’re going to love wearing it! It’s supersnuggly. Congratulations!!!


Not blocked but the knitting is all done!