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Bang Out a Carbeth


I did the second with the Manos Clara. There is a picture at the bottom of the feed. It’s lovely and soft and a completely different sweater. I did a crew neck and shorter length and longer sleeves to fold this time.


Just read Kates blog - now I really like that one! It seems like winter just doesn’t want to let go and that looks so cuddly.


exactly the same - i’ve just read Kates blog and felt in love with it instantly and as you, it does seems the winter won’t let go. and by the way,

qood question!


Me too! I love the Swan Dance version! It looks even cozier than the first Carbeth.


I’m almost up to the neck and I noticed some questions about decreasing in the ribbing. I only plan to be doing the first round of decreases–in my case decreasing 12 stitches, from 88 to 76. Here’s what I do when I have to plan that out.

I use a spreadsheet and fill in a column with what I want the stitches to look like when I’m done with the decreases. In this case, I have a column that repeats k, k, p, p down the line until I have 76 stitches. Now I divide the 76 stitches by 12 (the number of decreases). That comes to 6.333 which doesn’t really make it clean and easy to just do one decrease every (whatever whole number) stitch around.

So I could either fudge it a little and not have it perfectly even (get back OCD, get back I tell you!!!) or I can make a decision. In taking a look at this, I think I would prefer to have the 8 stitches surrounding the front and back points remain “whole” with no decreases. So on my little chart, I marked this in bold, italic so I know to just work them as a I see them and then took a look at what was left. Lucky me! Each side has 30 stitches remaining so I can just decrease every 5th stitch.

I cut and pasted my chart into four columns (one for each quarter of the round). Here’s what it looks like. Now simply work A1 to A19, then B1 to B19, etc.


I’ll be doing it this evening when I get home so I’ll post a picture when it is done.

As far as doing decreases within the ribbing a little further along, I would consider making it a design element. I have some ideas on how to do this but I am just taking a quick break from work (moving from grant writing to data analysis needs a little ctrl-alt-del of the brain for me!). I’ll do a little work on it when I get home tonight and post more later.


This is very much what I do too. I don’t actually put it in a spreadsheet but I divide the number of stitches i have by the number of decreases and adjust that number so it’s divisible by 4. Then I decide where to put the extra decreases.


That looks great! Love the sheen of the yarn and the stitch definition. I did 10 inches on mine, too,


THANK you. My Carbeth has been in timeout while I waited for help.


So I did a little playing around with decreasing within the ribbing (not just on the first row). This is what I would do.

First, I moved the start of the ribbing over by one stitch so, slip the end of round marker, k1, p2, k2, p2, k2 p2, etc. all the way back to the end of round marker where I end up with p2, k1. I also left the marker in place that marked the middle of the other side.

I didn’t actually do it because I need to try this on my niece today but I put some markers in to show it.

Since, I slipped the first marker, my first pair of knits in the ribbing is centered over the point.

So now, I’ve knit the first decrease row that brought me down to 76 stitches.

Do one round plain with no decreases.

On the next round knit those two center stitches together (the orange marker in the photo). When you come to the corresponding pair of purls on the opposite side of the neck, purl those two together. Now you have one p2, k1, p2 column in the center at the beginning of the round. The opposite side has k2, p1, k2.

Do another round plain with no decreases.

On the next round, knit the stitches marked with the black markers above together. Do the same thing on the opposite side with the purls.

Do another round plain with no decreases.

Now, do the same thing with the stitches marked with the green makers.

At this point you’ll have decreased 5 stitches on the front and 5 stitches on the back. Because their staggered they’ll have a nice little fan effect. The opposite side will be different because you’ve done the same shaping on the purl stitches.

Hey! I just realized, you now can decide which is the front and which is the back and you’ll be able to tell them apart (if that’s your kind of thing.)

Hope this is helpful. I had fun playing with it. If it’s not clear, let me know (all of our knitting brains work differently) and I’ll be happy to help.



Hi SandyDJ, I just realized that I didn’t actually reply to your note but to the whole thread. Scroll down and you’ll see my post.

Happy Spring!


Love how this looks on Molly. We’re going to go all the way with the neck.


Okay, so I have been stalking this thread for weeks, reveling in all the lovely updates, and I’m super happy to finally post my not-quite-banging-out, very late Carbeth. Very motivated to actually do the next sweater knit along on time!


I’ve been banging slowly too! Which put this song in my head for the past month.


LOVE the neckline on this! Excellent choice!


thanks so much. i plan to knit a second one with the rolled neck in the pattern but the lower neckline is really great for the climate here.


i love this version a lot!!!


So I finished by Carbeth. Banged it out a few weeks ago (after everybody else) and just now getting the picture posted. I modified the neck, using short rows, and lengthened the body by about two inches. Turns out it just fits, so I gave it to a friend who loves everything about it, though I wish she’d let me shorten it for her. The next one for me will be a size up. And I will make one. Love the pattern and the way it looks, especially if I can manage the right amount of ease.


I think it looks great. It is a fun knit isn’t it? I made 2 sweaters and I have the cardigan on my needles now.


Yes it is a fun knit! Can’t decide if I’ll make the pullover or cardigan next.
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Y’all! The Carbethapalooza continues! Kate’s got a new version:

Carbeth Swan Dance