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Bang Out a Carbeth

Okay, even though I’m mid “Snoqualmie”and all those crazy cables, this one really caught my attention. I typically have a phobia of anything “cropped” but after checking out Ravelry projects, this one really does look good on everyone…so here goes. Now to decide between Cascade Eco alone in Gunmetal, or adding in a strand of cream fingerling for a marled effect??? Will swatch both ways to come up with a plan.

All wound. Just need to swatch.


Well, I’ve gone stash diving, and while I think the Peace Fleece or the Eco would make a lovely Carbeth, I found part of a frogged Tappan Zee with a total of 900 yards of Lion Brand Organic Wool in avocado. The swatch came out nice, but a tiny bit too loose. I thought of Melissa at Espace Tricot and knit a strand of dark purple Cascade Kid Seta, a mohair/silk dream along with the wool and it’s really amazing!

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I’m with you about that.:smiley:

I’m in! Got some yummy Cascade yarn “Cotton Candy” colored & am swatching away.

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I am switching with Cambridge 2.0 too…no luck on hitting gauge. How is it going for you?

I can’t get gauge. Nuts but with the little math I think I can figure out which size might work. Fingers crossed. I am knitting with Plucky Knitter Cambridge 2.0 I swatched with Green Goddess but will be knitting in :tomato: Jam

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OK! No more wavering. My FIRST sweater! Yikes. I doubt I will ‘bang it out’ but we’ll see…

Been thinking about starting one soon, and love this pattern. So went and got some scrummy Cascade Roslyn. That was also the name of my late, very beloved aunt (my mom’s identical twin). So it must be a sign, right?

I decided to stick to the held-double approach, as I wanted to make sure my quantities were right. And this yarn was on super-sale, so I could get plenty.

Time to swatch!


So many things to love here!
Your Avatar is making me happy.
Hooray for first sweaters! And :two_hearts: for such sweet signs.


I showed it to my daughter and said that I wanted to knit it for her. We discussed colours and settled on mustard. She ran in this morning and cried "You haven’t bought that wool yet have you? I dreamed of myself wearing it in red!"
So here we go in red!


I was able to hit gauge by going down two needle sizes to a 9. Ooh :tomato: jam will be beautiful! I can’t wait to see it. Best of luck!

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Greetings! I am so excited about this KAL! I’ve been planning to knit a Carbeth since I first saw the pattern … so much more fun to do it with company. I swatched with Plucky Cambridge and felt like I might kill my hands trying to get 3.5 stitches to the inch. Even at 3 sts/inch I feel like the fabric could stand up by itself. (So I started a different sweater — Walking on the Moon by Heidi Kirrmaier — with the Cambridge, but that’s neither here nor there!) I’m going to use Eco + instead and it’s taking all my willpower not to cast on this minute! I’ll probably cave tomorrow.


I’ve been working on my Carbeth for a couple of weeks (slow knitter only got an hour or so each evening when I finish workthough I did need my Carbeth as therapy while watching Wales beat Scotland …sob… comprehensively this afternoon in the 6nations.) Anyway I am knitting in Cascade Ecological got the gauge first attempt with 6.5mm circulars and am now on the decreases helped by two episodes of “Dark Matter”and a “Hamish MacBeth” on the DVD player .I have some brown Noro something or other in my stash for my second attempt if the first one fits ok. I am 53 and too round for cropped but I am happily wearing two Tall Yarns knitting smocks that camouflage the midrif and I think Carbeth will look great as a third layer…it is seriously cold in North East Scotland. The Cascade has been in my stash for several years and it is feeling great on the needles.Glad you are all appreciating Kate ‘s particular genius …take a look at her West Highland Way club. It is magical. Especially the essays and the wee films. I walked the West Highland Way 30years ago and it is making me want to do it again, wearing Carbeth, cranky knees and all.


I felt no hesitation about making this sweater after reading the blog. I did take a glance through the FO pictures on Ravelry, just to check that there were diverse body types —resounding yes.
I wanted to stash bust with this, but the only yarn I had in quantity was a Manos that was single ply and not uniform enough to my liking. I picked up Noro a la mode from my LYS (on sale even!) in black, and am pairing it with my long stashed BMFA Laci in Ravenswood. It is knitting up into a really cool black that is lightly marled with foresty mossy greens and greys.
I like the new idea of making one with just a worsted weight yarn… so tempted to order more yarn but I think I will try very hard to finish this one before getting yarn for #2.


Amen about the West Highland Way Club. I am enjoying her essays so very much. She approaches knitting in such a thoughtful way. I feel like I learn so much from her!


Here’s my Cotton Candy, Cascade 128. Got perfect gauge on US 10 needle.


YES! Kate is a genius! I’m subscribed to West Highland Way and can’t wait to curl up with the book when it’s finished. As an avid Volksmarcher, I would love to walk the West Highland Way.

Also, we love Scotland soccer (football). The fans were so fun when we were volksmarching in Oslo. It was August of 2009 and Scotland and Norway were having a huge game. Lots of Scots in kilts on the plane and all over Oslo. So many good memories!

Your Carbeth is going to be great and you will love it!

I can’t figure out how to measure yoke depth. Can someone help please?

Here is the early bird version, blocked this morning. I would have finished it sooner, but I played fast and loose with gauge and paid the price.


That will be a bit tricky to calculate as that part of the sweater is completely formed by decreases. I’m sure there is a way to calculate that based on the number of stitches decreased and both row and stitch gauge, but that is beyond me at the moment. Maybe someone more clever than me has a better suggestion.

Although I don’t trust measurements on wet sweaters, I just measured the depth from the underarm to the point below the collar and I have 4.25". That is on a size 2 body with size 3 sleeves. I had row gauge, but not stitch gauge.