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Bang Out a Carbeth


I love Roslyn. I thought about using it but didn’t have enough in the stash. I think it will work beautifully—please let us know!


Maybe I am just too relaxed, lol because I don’t feel all that relaxed. I
am at 8 and still not hitting it. I will go down a size and cross my
fingers…hate that though🙄


So here is plucky Knitter Cambridge 2.0 :tomato: Jam with some winter tomatoes :smirk: It is really more a summer tomato color…luscious.

Can’t get gauge so I am thinking, I am knitting 22% larger so if I calculate down to a size where that added percentage works I can stay with my Plucky…as long as I mind length sizes for my body. Am I on track or daft? I would appreciate your feedback.


I can’t get gauge on Cambridge 2.0 either…I am going down a size. Fingers crossed


Thanks. I was just trying to understand the pattern dimensions given. The reference to yoke depth says “to neck rib” which confused me as I don’t have ribs in my neck. Silly me. I’ve decided that just means the length from the underarm join until the neck ribbing stitches begin. Yes? (First sweater…a little paranoid about sweater measurements…)


Multiply the stitches-per-inch that you’re getting with this yarn by the target circumference.

For example, if you were knitting at 3.25 stitches per inch and your target size was 45", that would equal 146.25. This puts you in between the second and third size.
I would suggest casting on the 3rd size (even though the number is technically/numerically closer to the 2nd) for 2 reasons - Kate suggests going larger and your fabric is likely to be thicker which will actually make the inner circumference of the circles smaller.


I didn’t get gauge either - I am at about 12.5/13 per 4" so I’m knitting one size down. I did similar math to Nell and also fell between sizes and went to the larger one. I’m also going to keep an eye on my gauge as I work so I know how it’s going!


Well as predicted I caved and cast on. I’ve knit about 5 inches of the body and according to the size I’m knitting (size 3), I’m more than halfway done. !!!

This seems quite cropped to me. But Kate’s is so cute! But what will I wear it with? Gah, debating how cropped I will go.


Yeah the cropped aspect is not a style I usually go for but she looks lovely and the sweater is so cute that I’m going for it. Maybe we need to have a style party after we complete our sweaters.


Oops. I misunderstood your question. I’m accustomed to yoke being measured on the garment rather than the body (I also forgot that a yoke dimension is present in the pattern!). In my experience, the bust, upper arm or armhole depth, body length and sleeve length are sufficient for choosing the best size to knit.


It’s definitely a summer tomato color. Absolutely beautiful. @nellknits had a great response, I’d go with her calculations. Otherwise, maybe consider saving that gorgeous Plucky for a different project and go for a different yarn that will better hit gauge. In my experience, when I try to force yarn to work in a project even though it’s not working with the pattern, I end up frogging it. Hopefully, it will all work out for you!


True. I am going to try a few inches and decide then. I never mind a trip to the yarn store


I have fallen down the rabbit hole and am swatching. I found some Rowan Cork in a pale pale lavender color in the stash. And I should have enough for the largest size.

I am swatching right now and to be safe, I am doing it in the round. But I am hoping I can get gauge easily. I normally go down a needle size so I am on 10s. Not enough rows yet to see if I made the right call.

I am worried I won’t have enough yarn if I decide to lengthen it. Will not wet blocking my swatch matter that much?


Are you kidding me? This thing is freaking addictive. I am using size 11 needles so it’s flying.
Helical [pin]stripes–tried to get an action shot for those who doubt the Science as I did:


Hi! I’m New to the MDK lounge but followed the last two Bang-out-s with great joy and have been eyeing up Carbeth since it first appeared on Kate’s blog. But I couldn’t settle on a yarn I wanted to use. Til last night when inspiration (or possibly madness) hit! In deepest darkest stash I’ve got 8 skeins of mohair yarn that my mum bought in the 80s intending to make a boxy cardigan. It’s about as 80s as you can get! But held together with some aran cream yarn it looks…erm - very exciting!
I just need to make one more swatch as the gauge is a bit big on this one. Then I can bang out a Marled mohair 80s Carbeth!


Adding the mohair definitely changes the fabric! Here’s mine, the green on its own was ok, but with the purple it’s much more interesting.


we’ll soon see how the ribbed sleeve to neck transition works irl.


Hi I am using Puffin from Quince&co and I love the way it looks bulky but light, also I am making the shorter version.


Swatched last night - a real, in-the-round swatch, not just a sleeve acting as a swatch! I’m using Eco+, and got stitch gauge with 10s, which is surprising - I thought I would have to o down to 9s at least. Row gauge is still off (too loose) but I can make that work. I also cast on, and I may get unexpected knitting time tonight, since the predicted 3-6 inches of snow show make caucus attendance even lighter than predicted, and therefore over earlier.


I got gauge!!! Ticker tape parade

I got the perfect gauge with the perfect fabric using Cestari Traditional and Aalta DK held together using a size 10 needle (I’m a loose knitter).