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Bang Out a Carbeth


I’m right on gauge with 10.5 needles. I did use a 10 for the ribbing. I was afraid it would pull in too much. I’m seriously thinking of going down to a 9 on the sleeves and try to keep my tension quite loose simply because I have 9" circulars in 9 and I really don’t like using large dpns and I’m not a fan of magic loop. That’s still just an idea right now I’ll see how it goes.


I might have just ordered two boot skirts to go with my as-yet-very-unfinished Carbeth. :flushed:


OK, despite having several projects for my class, one of them a sweater vest, I am so in love with this sweater that I cannot resist joining in! I’m going to bang out my Carbeth in Malabrigo Mecha in Quegay. I’ve been hoarding it for years and it feels perfect for this pretty sweater.


Getting ready to wind my skeins and go for gauge - wish me luck!


Ooooh, I can’t wait to see yours! It is going to be beautiful in this yarn. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :blush:


I swatched last night with yarn that has been marinating in my stash easily 8 years. WHAT?!? I was on a wee knitting hiatus. I bought the pattern this morning. I need to stop by the store on my way home from work and get a longer circular 10.5 needle as all I found in my box of needles was a short circular 10.5. Excited to start this sweater and work to finish it before my Birthday - Feb 28. :smiley:
And still work on the epic logalong blanket for my son.


There’s one FO on Ravelry that uses three colors and it looks great–sort of a retro school sweater look. I say go for it.


I’m using Cascade 128 Superwash that I bought years ago for a skirt pattern in Vogue magazine. Skirt days are now behind me (see what I did there?) so now I’m turning it into a cropped sweater, a style that used to look good on my slender waisted, pre-menopausal shape. Can’t help myself on this sweater, though. It’s in my blood at this point. Had to go to size 9 needles to get gauge. I’ll have just four inches of ease if I do knit to gauge. Is that enough, do you think? Also planning to add some inches; my midriff deserves it.


I found that my swatch bloomed a bit when I wet blocked it (using Cascade 128). If I hadn’t wet blocked, I would have gone with a bigger needle and had a nasty surprise when the sweater was complete. Might have a nasty surprise anyway, but not because I screwed up my gauge.


Is anyone else confused about the suggestion of using Shibui Drift for the Carbeth? The gauge suggestion is 18-20 stitches on a US 8 (5 mm). The number of skeins (6 in my case) would indicate that the yarn isn’t held double. I don’t know how one would get gauge with this.


I’m calling this #bangoutacodependentsweater You’re all a bunch of enablers!!! I can’t start today because I have to finish up another project but I’ve got the yarn and the recipient picked out.


Yes - i was so confused!!! I think it must be a really loose knit. i prefer more structure so i’m going with a worsted and a dk together.


hmmmm… what does “finish up another project” mean? LOL!!


OOOH. I’ll bet this is lovely. Just makes me think :thinking: I have about 1900 yards of Manos del Uruguay, Clara which is a DK weight that might make a great second Carbeth.


I’d love to see your finished first one!


I know. It feels really weird.


Oooh a SECOND one! I do love MdU - such lovely yarn to work with. I would love to see your sweater in this.


So when I read your post I re-measured what I’ve knit – using Cascade 128. I’ve got 15 sts/4" on a US10. What d’ya think? Will it grow when blocked? I’ve only got 3.5" of ease – maybe I’m still OK?


If i get there, I’ll be sure to post it. :blush:


I got 16 sts/4" when I swatched and wound up with the pattern gauge of 14 st/4" after blocking. I’ll bet you’ll be OK once it’s blocked, but what’s the harm in wet blocking your swatch, just to know?