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Bang Out a Carbeth


Thanks for your quick reply. I think I’ll be OK, esp since the finished size is a little smaller than Kate calls for. I’m an impatient swatcher & have already knit 4+ inches of the sweater. I seemed to be right on gauge with my flat swatch.

Fingers crossed & it’s not a form-fitting garment anyway.


I LOVE this sweater. I, too, can’t decide cropped or no, but I am getting braver after reading everyone’s posts. I have some really pretty Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky - do you guys think this would work??



Good luck. Can’t wait to see it.


I am not “Plucky” anymore. I gave up on my Plucky Knitter Cambridge 2.0 and switched to Quince and Co Osprey. I can make gauge in that one. The color is poppy and it actually looks pretty close to the sad winter tomatoes from my fridge. Yesterday we got 5 inches of snow…shovelled out and the wind is blowing in another 3 today with a big temp drop to follow…nice to be inside knitting with all you sweater “nuts” in that kind of weather!


While I have no business starting another project I could not resist this. I loved the sweater instantly and ordered the yarn right away. It’s on my Make Nine 2018 list so why not start now? Plus, who doesn’t like a KAL the has the words Bang Out in the name.


Here it is. :sunglasses:


I’m in. How could I resist? Fell for this pattern over the Christmas holidays but resisted given it’s summer in New Zealand and a properly hot one at that! Then along came the opportunity to bang one out in fine company and that was the push required. It will be cold here soon enough!

Using Cascade Eco+ from Deep Stash ca 2012. There was a dressquantity in there so I know I’ve got enough … and then some! Into the stockinette section … I may be some time. :rofl:


Making progress.:yum:


I have used Cork before and I do not recall it blooming so I am going to hope and pray it doesn’t grow. I know I have stitch gauge but I need to work my swatch a few more inches to see if I am getting row gauge. (I am doing my swatch on dpns.) I am getting gauge on a US 10 so I am happy. I need to figure out what size next. One good thing about being short waisted is that the cropped aspect of this top should work in my favor.


Hoping this will be the first sweater for myself that I actually finish! Using cascade eco cloud.


Hi y’all–It’s true: Shibui Drift is a worsted weight yarn. But it’s possible to knit a yarn on a larger needle than the yarn band specifies. Kay and I both got gauge with Drift–she used a 10 because she’s a loose knitter, and I used a 10 1/2. I’m writing a post tomorrow about my swatches–but here’s a photo from that post now so you can see what I’m talking about.

The fabric is lighter and looser and drapier than a bulky yarn knit on a 10 1/2 needle. More wearable down here in Nashville. I’m about two-thirds finished with my Carbeth, and it’s superfluffy good times!


I was pondering helical stripes too, as I just finished the Hyacinthus arm warmers and had so much fun watching the stripes evolve.
But how are you going to handle the stripes at the yoke?


Thanks! What a fun sweater!


That swatch does look pretty sturdy!!! i know with the Cestari, it puffs out when it blocks, so i can see where that would happen with the Drift…


I cast on my Carbeth last night!! Using 11 year old stash (Knitpicks Bulky), and can’t wait to see how quickly this flies off the needles!. This is one of 2 KAL’s this month that I am participating in.


Who knows? I’ll figure it out when I get there. Or not, and will rip it out and start over. I’m halfway done with the body and haven’t even decided if this is the right needle size or even sweater size, so I’m really not a model of planning.


And we’re on the needles and starting the knit, knit, knit portion. I hope this goes as quickly for me as it seems to be going for some others!


What is this “planning” you speak of? :thinking::yum:


And here is the obligatory bathroom model shot:


Love love love! I like the length.