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Bang Out a Carbeth


Just a little more knitting remains before a good soak…


I don’t usually like doing sleeves two at a time, but I love having them be the same size and done at the same time.

The body of the sweater looks so wide yet when I try it on it fits. I’m hoping it will block out larger though.


If I were to knit another Carbeth, I would definitely use a lighter weight yarn, knit loosely to gauge.
In fact, I’m now mentally going through my stash… :laughing:


My ignorance of this concept came back to bite me, as I had to frog half a body of 4-skein helical stripes…but hey, half a body is better than the whole body, right? All pain is relative in unplanned knitting world.


I have nearly finished the body of this VERY marled Carbeth and am trying to work some math magic to get the sleeves to align. Struggled with magic looping the cuffs, gave up. Ordered dpns and will re-start sleeves tomorrow: thank goodness for next-day mail-order! Loving the Malabrigo versions. I might have to make one in that!


That’s beautiful!! Love what you are doing.


Yeah – love the length. How long is it, anyway? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh thank you! I’m very excited to be doing this pattern in company!


Seeing this by nellknits makes me feel like the proverbial :turtle:


Should have put something for scale. That’s 35 rows at row gauge so 7 inches of body plus a generous inch of ribbing.


I did start on the 3rd - and had lots of time cleared for knitting.


I’m a little late to the party. I had a yarn shopping emergency, thanks to nothing suitable in my stash. Then I had a yarn shopping emergency, because Webs didn’t have enough skeins of the same dyelot.

Clearly, this package was a priority! Off to see about gauge.


Loved the last 2 Bang-outs, so I’m thrilled to be in for this one.

I just finished Kate’s Port Charlotte and had some extra Buachille to play with to test the drape and thickness of the fabric as pictured in the Carbeth pattern. Knitting it double with 10.5’s I got gauge pre-bath, but it bloomed during a good soak and final gauge was only 13 st/inch. The swatch, pretty stiff before soaking, became wonderfully soft, springy and thick after its bath. The fabric would be a little denser with correct gauge, but this was close enough to give me an idea of the feel of Kate’s fabric.

I swatched a few different yarns from my stash and finally decided to use Imperial Yarn’s Columbia. The after-bath fabric is not as thick as the Buachille but the drape and springiness are similar.

Tonight I cast on!!


I tried to resist, but this tipped the scales for me. I just ordered the Shibui Drift. Maybe I can finish a sweater for my grandson before the yarn arrives.


I’m with Pamela…I was minding my own business waiting for a certain pattern to be published when this mornings post about Drift being on sale came out. Such shameless enabling…every spare moment at work today I thought about that yarn. But I knew it was destiny, because I no sooner put 6 skeins in my cart when the phone rang: No work tomorrow due to inclement weather!!! So I get to finish of my current WIP and get ready to bang!


I thought the same thing, until I stopped thinking about what size the yarn was and focused more on the weight to yardage ratio. I found in my stash (I know, who has that! lol) yarn that matched closely Kate’s yarn. And, it is a DK weight yarn…I got gauge easily and the fabric is not stiff at all!


So, last night, even though I was several inches into the body, I decided maybe I should probably wetblock my swatch to see what happens. I had swatched with both 9s and 10s and chose to use 10s because it was closest. Well, after the swatch dried (I didn’t really block it, just kind of patted it down), I had PERFECT gauge on 9s and the fabric just looked better, too. So I ripped it all out and started over. By bedtime, I was 3 rows into the ribbing.


I just made a sweater in that yarn! It’s just a plain yoke sweater knit bottom-up using the Elizabeth Zimmerman Percentage system. I get SO MANY compliments on that color! :heart:


I did my first swatch on 10 1/2 – only got 12 stitchs/4". Tried 10s and got 13 st/4". Swatching is my LEAST favorite part of knitting. I was going to punt, then I saw your post. Now I’m going to give #9 a shot. After all, I love the feel & color of the yarn I’m using. It would be nice to have the sweater fit, once the dust has settled :slight_smile: It’s only 2:30, and snowing pretty steadily, what else would I do on a day like this?


I love this. I am thinking of pairing my Shibui drift with some mohair yarn to give it that halo and also a bit of stickiness to the stitches. This is very inspiring to see!