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Bang Out a Carbeth


I’m using #9 needles for the body, so #8 for the ribbing. K2P2 got a little slow by the end of row 2, so I added a 2 stitch twist in row 3, the 2 rows of K2P2 to finish the ribbing. Now on to Step 2/#9 needles.


Body & part of first sleeve. After looking around & reading what Ravelers posted (and trying on several of my own sweaters) I lengthened the body to 9 1/2". Knitting while Olympians curl tonight.


I started a sleeve at the doc today because it’s portable, and now I have a question about Kate’s M1. Pattern only specs one way (I can’t recall whether it is the M1R or the M1L) for both increases, but wouldn’t it be better to pair them per usual? I will go back to my body-in-progress and await your replies!


I wondered this! It’s gone on the list of Things to Do on My Second Carbeth, unless of course there’s a technical reason why we shouldn’t do it.


I used symmetrical or mirrored M1’s for my sleeve increases - in this case, because I kept my sleeve in the 2x2 rib, each increase was a little different - but when using stockinette stitch, I would have used an M1R for the first increase and an M1L for the last increase, or visa-versa.


I originally did a twist in row 3 of the ribbing. Once I switched to the stockinete section, I thought the K2s needed a second twist before the switch, so when back and did a 5th row of K2P2, only did a twist with the K2. Like the result much better. Now I’m on to the straight knitting on #9s. This is as far as I got yesterday, with all the fiddling. I’m hoping to make lots of progress today. What could possibly go wrong? :slight_smile:


Very tidy, Maggi! I just did them the same for all M1s because it was One
Less Thing To Worry About. But yes, I think you could pair them to good


You’re golden! It’s just a straight shot from here on.


Nell, I love this! The length looks just right.


Hi fellow #bangoutacarbeth KAL-ers!

I’m struggling with the sleeves a little. I tried them on and they look so bulky! I’m unsure if the fabric will be a little more forgiving when it’s been blocked, but my swatch doesn’t have a ton of drape either. Anyway, any advice on how tight the sleeves should be?

I don’t like tight sleeves, but I’m worried I’m treading into super bulky sleeves that won’t look good because with the yarn held doubled, there just isn’t much drape.

Thanks for any thoughts!!!


I started my sleeves yesterday and reduced by four stitches for that reason–doesn’t sound like much, but I’m working with a super-bulky rather than bulky so it made a big difference.
My current dilemma is To Thumbhole or Not to Thumbhole. I’ve knit the sleeve ribbing twice now, both ways, and will probably rip back for a third start with provisional cast-on to make sure my yarn is good and shredded.


I also thought that this would be a perfect thumbhole sweater! :+1:


I finally found a project for some Cheryl Oberle Reflections that has been in my stash for close to 15 years. I got gauge for the Carbeth with size 9 needles - although I will be measuring again once I have more of the body knit. I am planning on making it quite a bit longer as my cropped sweater days are long in the past. I am more in the big, comfy, cozy phase now.


I was thinking that too!


I thought about this too. I couldn’t see any reason that M1-L and M1-R shouldn’t work just fine-so that’s what I’m going to do.:wink:


Doing paired increases works just fine. It is what I did. It is so instinctive for me that I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t part of the pattern.Then again, I almost always do the simple backwards loop left/right increases.


Now that I’m several inches into this, I’m getting a bit worried about size. I know it is supposed to have positive ease, but even with part of it scrunched up on the needles, it is remarkably wider than my lap. I’m having a bit of “faltering confidence” that this will be a reasonable sized sweater. I think I am going to go make dinner. After which, I will have a decision to make. I should probably go look at finished Carbeths on Ravelry. Oh dear.


Cranking along on my Carbeth with Knitpicks Simply Wool bulky…I would say it’s a little closer to aran weight but I think it’s going to be fine. I’m also a little worried that it’s not next-to-the skin soft, but I figure I’ll just line the neck with something soft if necessary. Finished the body yesterday, finished the first sleeve today. When I measured the sleeve, it was a little narrow so I’m wet blocking it before I start the second sleeve. In the meantime, I’ll work on the other sweater I decided to start with the stash Cascade 220 that didn’t work for this project!


I had the opposite concern with mine! It looked tiny, way too small. The best way to know how it’s going is to take it off the needles, onto waste yarn, and give it a try on. You’ll feel better either way–for me, I had to rip out five inches and start over in the next size. The good news was that it’s such a fast knit that I was back on track really fast.


(Way to multitask there! Book + knitting = STRONG!)

: )