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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1


Yes, that marker is there to evenly divide the stitches between front and back.


I hold both in my left hand too. I took a class from Beth Brown-Reinsel in which she showed us that if you do it this way, an efficient way to separate the yarns is to put your middle finger between them. It works.


Well, I DID IT!! I just purchased the kit as a huge reward for me after several music performances over the next week. I went back and forth about getting this - I do live in Texas and I thought our two days of winter is over - but I am dying to make this sweater, try Fair Isle on something other than a sock I can’t pull over my ankle, try Shelter yarn, etc. I’ll be super late to this party but I will be reading all of your posts and (hopefully) finishing a sock and banging out a lap throw while I wait for my kit!!!


So fantastic! I think a lot of people are going to be knitting this for a
while, me included! It’s such beautiful yarn–I’ve never worked with it
before, and it’s so nice. And yes, here in Nashville I won’t be wearing
this all winter long, but that’s OK.

Thanks so much for being a part of this knitalong. Can’t wait to see how
your Hadley comes together.

xoxo Ann


Hey, I remember how it feels! It might be too late by now but KnitPicks has a line called Wool of Andes that they especially sell thinking of college students. It’s usually $1.99 a skein (50 grams) and now it’s on sale. A trick look at their bare collection of yearn, undyed wool and each large skein is two times the size of the dyed at the same price. Because it’s a natural beige you can get one now and another later. That’s what I’m doing.


Can someone help me out the sleeve increases? I’m doing size 42, so the 3rd size. My sleeve measures the required amount of 8.5 inches. But I’m confused about when I start my increases, since it says to increase 0 times every 8 rows. Does that mean I count 8 rows, and then start my increases of 8times every 6 rounds? Help! I’m confused :frowning:


I’d skip right to the increases on the 6th rounds.


Thank you! I will do so :slight_smile:


My size says the same thing aalbert, so I did what nellknits wrote - I started my increases at the length it said and did them every 6 rounds.


Isn’t Beth a wonderful teacher? I met her years ago, took a few classes from her, and then had her stay with me for a few days before she taught at a TKGA conference in Santa Cruz (this was back when it was THE big knitting conference). I think she is one of the most patient teachers I’ve known, plus she is extremely nice as a person. We made a pilgrimage to Berkeley to visit Lacis and Straw into Gold (the latter has been closed for many years).

I was pregnant with my youngest (who turns 21 on Friday), so it was quite awhile back, but I try to check in on her if I see she is coming to town.


So I did my increases doing this, but now I don’t have the right number of stitches on the needles. If I am doing 8 rounds of increases, increasing 2 stitches per, then that would be an additional 16 stitches. 53+16=69, which is what I have, but the pattern says I should have 71. Where are those 2 other stitches coming from? Am I reading the pattern wrong still? :?


Are you keeping in mind the side increases that we worked at the same time? There is a second side increase around row 22 I believe


Some sizes have an increase before you start working the color chart at least the size I’m making did. Does your size? I would not take it out if your color pattern worked out OK. I would just do an additional increase round but write down what you did and where you did it so you can do the 2nd sleeve the same (& for future reference - I always say I’ll remember what I did - I don’t remember and then I’m under the brightest light I own trying to figure out what I did before so I can match it. Write down anything/everything you do different than the pattern ON THE PATTERN! (Making a copy of the pattern if necessary. In the US photocopying for your personal use is NOT copyright infringement.


Thank you for posting this video. There is another video that came up on the screen when that one ended. The instructor is knitting a green sock with a white accent motif. It explained the concept of having one yarn underneath the other. I still cannot wrap by little head around what difference it makes, but I am glad to have learned this color dominance thing. It will definitely make a difference in this sweater. Now that I think about other color work I have knit, understanding this concept would have made for a more pleasing outcome. Just goes to show that you are never too old to learn something new.


Pattern says to increase 2 stitches on the round you begin your increases (when the sleeve measured 8.5"). Then increase every six rounds, 8 times. Overall you are increasing 9 times.


Re your co-worker: Oh Lordy me!


I believe that I read somewhere that that is how the Shetland Islanders do it. OTH, (no pun intended), my reasoning for not learning their way, which I suspect is faster, is that I heard it’s very good for the brain to fully engage both hands. And since I need extra help in the brain department… (not really a joke thanks to an autoimmune thing. Which also enhances my long-winded rambles, again, I am truly sorry 'bout that).