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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1


I’m not a hugely discriminating knitter. I love merino and wish I could have used that just because of the no itch factor. But Wool of the Andes is a workhorse and I have several items made from it. I just can’t justify high priced yarn when this is 1.99/hank and there are 100 colors. I guess it’s my practical Nebraska upbringing! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll post pictures of the colors when it gets here. You should try it sometime.


Notes from Haley’s size small :

There are 33 - 39 g remaining of the contrast colors. 33 is the Tent (green)

Shelter has approx. 2.8 yards per gram.


Did I mention that my daughter is named Hadley?
I was off on such a toot !


January 23

(((BIG HUG))). I don’t think it’s TMI or inappropriate to write that here.
I find MDK is the kind of place that brings out the personal, speaking from
my own possible TMI posts because KA (mashup name) create such a warm safe

I often wonder if they delete the angry &/ politically volatile posts
because unlike some other popular blogs, no one seems to post that. I like
to think it’s organic, but I realize that’s unlikely given the nature of
the interwebs.

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January 20

My daughter, the focus of my life and leukemia survivor, has not spoken to
me since October 2010. No big blow up, just cut me out of her life, but
left me with her school loans . She married the college boyfriend in 2011,
financed by her father. I attempted to see her in December 2013, but the
new h…

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Sign me up! I have already gotten the yarn because I fell in love with the sweater the first time I saw it. I like the main color in the picture but the others - not so much. So I bought Old World, Thistle, Blanket Fort, and Faded Quilt - blues and purples. I’m very excited and hope I can start on the first. I’m currently in the midst of an emergency shawl for someone that is terminally ill. I really hope to have it done by the end of January.


Fired up and ready to go!


As much as I would like to try Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, it’s out of my price range at this time. I’m using Wool of the Andes for my Stopover and I really like it. I also really like the price. $50 +/- as opposed to the higher cost of Shelter. I need to start another sweater like I need a hole in the head but I don’t think that is going to slow me down. I’ve been surfing Knit Picks website for my colors! Next - I must order yarn so I can be ready to start on the 1st. January here in my corner of Ohio has been so gray I’m still turning on the Christmas lights on the mantel trying to brighten it up. Get Ready: ordered the pattern; Get Set: order the yarn . . .


I may have purchased the kit the day it launched. I also may have started the sweater prior to Bang Out a Haley launched. I may be approaching the yoke. However, I do have another, more pressing knit, so this hypothetical Hadley will just exist in the background until early February.


I’m thinking about this yarn too…thinking about dove heather as main color and also forest heather, icicle heather, brass heather and then maybe persimmon heather/garnett heather or rooibos heather…what colors are you thinking of? I’ve never used this yarn but sounds like a winner!


Wool of the Andes is a work horse. It’s not the softest or squishiest. But it’s not terribly itchy after a good soak or two. I’ve made 2 sweaters from Wool of the Andes and it pleases me. If I’m feeling particularly sensitive I’ll wear a silky t shirt under my sweaters. If you can afford the Swish yarn, which is 100% Merino that is fabulously soft. But here are the colors I picked for my Hadley: MC Mink Heather. Color work : Baltic, Brass, Forest, and Rooibos. ( all Heathers). I didn’t have enough for the free shipping so ordered a couple skeins of soft squishy stuff the socks from the Field Guide 2 patterns also.


Oh thanks for responding! I really want to make this sweater and would not have thought of this option if I had not seen your post. Your colors sound wonderful. I was torn about the blues, the reds and the background…so many options. Maybe I’ll order some extra yarn for the socks or the hat from Field Guide 2 - great idea - love the patterns but haven’t jumped in yet - better get on the bandwagon!


I want to make it too. Such a cool pattern. I’d love to experiment with different yarns but just can’t afford it and Knitpicks has become my go to place. Really try the Swish sometime it’s heavenly


My yarn is ordered. YAY!


Merino doesn’t itch, at all?


I, too, have decided there is No Way I am going to make a sweater, especially not my First Ever* sweater and especially not on this budget!
To that end, I have not chosen out some wonderful yarn in some amazing colors from my stash, and I’ve also decided not to take my measurements, make a swatch, definitely NOT washing the swatch, and no casting on. Nope. Haven’t even cast on.

*first HUMAN sized sweater - I’ll admit to a few baby or barbie sized ones in the past…


Not for me it doesn’t.


Post a picture here when it comes. What did you decide on?


So I decided on mink heather, brass heather, delft heather, forest heather and garnet heather. I also added amber heather, rooibos and icicle heather in case I like them more. And a dove just to see what the color is like. I’ll post a picture when it arrives!


The last two cardigans I made were in Plymouth Encore Tweed acrylic/wool blend. Washed in washer, dried in dryer-no pilling. I love it! My malabrigo yarn and cascade eco pill like crazy. I love wool but enjoy the easy care of acrylic blends and also the softness. I hope to keep experimenting with both kinds.


I use acrylic/wool blends for baby or child wear - easy to care for and keeps looking good wash after wash!


Thank you! I did order the Mary Maxim Alpaca Tweed so I’ll hope for the
best and although some have said acrylic pills I have had great luck with
blends-even better than some 100% wool yarns I paid much more for:)


January 22

Although my local yarn store is great, they must be a bit pricey.
I found that the WEBS site is a life saver. They have many mark downed
yarns and their service is excellent.

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January 20

Possible yarn sub-

Like others, I can’t quite afford the amount of shelter yarn so I was
searching for a possible alternative. I found this Mary Maxim Alpaca tweed
and although few colors, I picked some to look similar to the Hadley. Price
is only $5.19. Joann. has a $3 shipping special this weeke…

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