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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1


Good for you Katie! We won’t be sucked into all this craziness! And I definitely will not help you at all if you have any questions.


I love Encore! I made a scarf with a hood out of it. I need to remember that yarn for other things.


I have ordered my yarn. Excited to try out and work with the Targhee wool. I went with the colors in the pattern’s photo as they reminded me of the famous Hudson Bay Co color striped wool blanket. Last summer we took a family trip up to Canada, visiting Niagara Falls and Ontario Science Museum. We spent three days in Montreal, enjoying the bike paths and many picnics in the parks where I brought my knitting along. While we were in Montreal, our Jeep was stolen out of the hotel’s gated parking lot. Strangely, as we were filling out stolen vehicle paperwork in a foreign speaking police station, it was a comforting thought that I at least had my knitting with me. We took a two day train ride back to The States coursing through beautiful farms in northern NY. Coincidentally there where two other ladies in my train car discussing knitting different heels in socks. On my needles were a pair of socks for my husband.


I think we need a Non-Bangers support group on here. You can all talk about why you’re not knitting Hadley. Of course, you’ll need something to keep your hands busy.


I would try swatching it in Loft. Loft is lighter but not as much lighter as you would think. Might be just enough to get gauge.


OK the colors are amazing in total but THAT GREEN. Well chosen!


I have my yarn and have made two swatch

Main color: Snowbound

Other colors: Almanac, Long Johns, Button Jar, Hayloft

I knit really loosely and almost always need to go down a couple of needle sizes.

My swatch with size 6 needles had 17 stitches by 29 rows after blocking. So the row count is fine but other is a little bit short.

I was planning to knit a size 37 ( my bust is 34 on a good day) but was wondering if I should go up a size ?

Any advice ?


My yarn arrived! Love my colors!


Do you all think Cascade Highland Duo would work??


I just cannot decide which of these glorious colors to use for the stranded work…
Knitting from Stash - the center is Cascade 220, which will be my main color. It’s a good match to Shelter weight wise.


lucky you! still waiting for mine! Your colors are beautiful!


Is this where I ask a question about the process of starting the sweater? I will get my yarn hopefully Saturday. Wool of the Andes. And wondered do I knit a swatch, then wash and block it and then check gauge? Just want to really nail the size so it fits when I’m done :slight_smile: Thanks so much. I’m really really looking forward to this KAL!!


i went WOTA too! just ordered it. trying the WOTA tweed, as i’ve never used it. using down heather as the MC, and then persimmon, prussian, and dill heathers as CC. I think. i just placed the order and i already can’t remember what i picked! :slight_smile: i love surprises.

i know this won’t have the same luxe-ness to it, but i really wanna play! :smile_cat:


Yes I would say that your plan for starting is spot on. As much as we hate to swatch you just have to do it. Make sure you measure yourself too. I’ve always made my sweaters too big and because I hate short and tight! :grin: But they definitely fit better when I think it through a little and do my measurements. There are the bust sizes and the knitted sizes. So look at those and think through all that as you knit your swatch.


I’ve swatched, narrowed down my contrast colors and have all needles poised and ready. My pattern is marked with my size circled and I’ve made a few adjustments for my best style of waist shaping. (Less shaping)
I can’t wait to get going…


about gauge…I’m kind of surprised…I’m using Wool of the Andes and even on size 6 needles I’m getting 18 stitches/4 in. Seems odd I’d need to go down to a 5 but I guess if that’s what get gauge that’s what I go with right???


Hi Nell!

I have a lot of leftovers from two previous Shelter projects and was wondering if I might use those bits for the colorwork – only having to buy the MC yarn could be the deciding factor for me to jump on board. Do you know how much yarn we need for the CC? (I’ll be knitting the smallest size). Thank you! - Mary


I’m using Wool of the Andes and haven’t gotten down to 19 st/4 in even on size 6. Size 5 is my next shot. But then for the smaller needle I guess I would use size 3? Seems so different than the pattern calls for but I sure love the yarn so far


I am using knitpicks Wool of the Andes. I am only using two colors. One for the MC and one for the color work. Gauge swatch done, washed and measured. The sts per inch was right on but my row gauge was a bit short. No worries, as we get into it if it is too short I can add some more on. I bought an extra skein just in case. So excited to do this with everyone!


Hi! I contacted the designer because I wanted to only use one color instead of four. Here’s what she said. Hope this helps!

Hi Kirsten!

I just checked my notes, and I had a total of 45 grams of all colours left over after completing the sample. This included swatching, so it may be possible to use a single skein of yarn. If you’d like some insurance, plan on having two skeins - unless you like to live a little dangerously and/or are prepared to undo your swatch.

Thanks - I’m glad you like hadley!


On Jan 21, 2017, at 12:49 PM, Kirsten wrote:


I am joining the KAL for your beautiful sweater design. I would like to do the color work as one color instead of four as you have done. Do you know the approximate yardage it took? Would one or two skeins be enough? I looked in the project notes in ravelry but not enough knitters have started it yet for it to be a resource. I appreciate your response.

thanks so much!

Kirsten Battaglia

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