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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1


If your stitch count is correct stay with that needle size, When we knit we knit to the inches mark. So your row gauge will be fine. However, you may need a bit more yarn depending on how far off it was. Or you may find that when you knit the larger pieces you are able to block a bit more aggressively than a four by four swatch and your row gauge is fine. Hope this helps!


I’m using same yarn and still getting 18 st/4 in even on size 6 needles? Need to try 5? Did you just soak the yarn, rinse and block and then check measurements of gauge? Thanks!


Hello, Mary. I weighed the leftovers from Haley’s Hadley and colors 1, 3 and 4 each used less than 15g while color 2 used less than 20g. If you don’t have a gram scale, I estimate 1g to equal 2.8 yards.


As I swatched my colors I also considered using just Sap for all of the CC. I’m still on the fence…


Yes. I cheat when the swatch is on the needles to see if I am close. But the true measurement comes after washing and blocking. I understand the frustration of using more yarn to swatch and swatch again. But you will be happier being frustrated now then after knitting a sweater that doesn’t fit. (Done that).
What yarn ar you using? If you are having a tremendously rough time I would suggest popping into your lys and just have them watch you either knit or block. They will be incredibly helpful and might have a tip as to what to do,


I love the sweater as knit but I am kind of excited to do it with just two colors. (Rogue knitting :wink:) I am using wool of the Andes sapphire as the MC and Dove Heather as the CC. I am not a big tweed gal. I think this is going to be my go to comfy sweater!


Perfect, Kirsten - thank you!!


Thanks, Nell - I might have to get a little creative with the colors (my bits are in six different colorways) but I think I’ve got plenty. Yay!


Oh Sheesh, I can’t believe how dumb I am. I was AT BROOKLYN TWEED WORLD HEADQUARTERS yesterday, met Jared Flood (he was really nice) and had the opportunity to get all the Brooklyn Tweed yarn I wanted at 10% off… and I totally forgot about this. I got ONE skein of Shelter (for a hat). Sigh. One more knitalong that I won’t be participating in.


I thought I might try some new cast ons. What are some good invisible cast ons for a 2x2 ribbing on a sweater?


I’ve been thinking about shortening the collar (short neck) and using a steek to make it a cardigan with a zipper and of course I have to have pockets. I’m also using WOTA, have a lot of it in my stash.


I love pockets. I can’t wait to see how this looks.


One of latest knit magazines had a tutorial on tubular cast on for 2x2 ribbing. Winter 2017 Interweave, I just checked.


Thanks for making me feel better about not being able to knit this in Shelter.
How would you compare WoTA to Cascade 220? At $4 for 100g I just might attempt this sweater.


Go for it! I’m not that much of a perfectionist in my knitting. I just love to do it. So when I make mistakes I keep going and somehow things mostly turn out. But I can’t justify hundreds of dollars for yarn when sometimes I rip it out 3-4 times and it has so many lives! I do love soft yarn though!


I have not used the cascade yarn. I’m a very loose knitter and have to go down needle sizes to get gauge. I’m sure it’ll work if it’s close and you do a swatch.


Hi everyone, new to the forums. I just ordered my yarn and hope to have it here in time to join in. I’m excited to have a virtual knitting group. Here are my colors–cast iron is the MCGEE:


MC, not McGee! Darn spell Czech!


Oh, I love your choices, Cinnabar is a new fave. Which is the main color?


The dark grey is the main color. The Cinnabar is so yummy! I’m going to pair it with the blue in the pattern. I love the original colorway, but it isn’t a good one for my coloring.