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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1


And thank you! What colors are you using?


Hi all,

They’re have been a few comments with regrets that they aren’t using the luxury of Shelter. I’ve used it and it’s not what I would consider luxurious at all. It’s gorgeous. It’s one of the best constructed yarns I’ve used and the colors oare fantastic. But it’s a real Martha of a yarn–a good solid workhorse. Is it worth every penny? Yup. It is really nice. But Wool of the Andes is a great sub as is Paton’s Classic Merino (or whatever that’s called these days), Brown Sheep Nature Spun, Cascade 220, etc. etc. If I had the Benjamins to buy the Shelter right now, I would. It’s good company to support. But alas, my budge opens up much later in the year.

I continue to maintain that I am not banging out a Hadley, although I do have a bag of black and white Paton’s from my stash packed with needles and notions and I may have played with graph paper a little to explore the positive and negative space of color work. I’ve also got a little envelope to stash a few bucks every time there are a few extra in my pocket so that next time I can go for the suggested yarn.

The more diverse this is, the more fun it will be. Much like real life!


I’m using a charcoal worsted with Long Johns, Ember, Haystack and Sap, although I am considering just using Sap for all of the colorwork. I can’t wait. My daughter loves her Hadley, made with the MDK kit colors.


@rabrevitz–Wow, looks better than I imagined! (Pardon my drool…)


Is this where we ask questions about the pattern? (I’ve never done a KAL before. I am knitting a sleeve first to double check my gauge. When I get to the color chart for knitted size 42 I see the chart seems to be a 17 repeat however in the middle of the chart it says 12 stitch repeat. This is confusing to me (and hard to explain what I mean.) HELP if you get what I mean :slight_smile: Thanks so much! I’'m not really starting ahead…just want to be ready and understand everything by Feb 1! Whoo Hoo!


Hi! Totally unofficial response here, but if you look under the chart you’ll see a dark bracket of 12 stitches. That’s the repeat. The stitches before and after are size specific so find yours to see where to start (a few stitches before you start working the 12 sts over and over) and stop (the few sts left at the end of the round).

Hope this helps! I’m super excited for this one too : )


So you do the stitches before and after the repeat only at the start and end of the row? Got it. Thanks!!


Yes, find your size underneath (for the sleeves only, the yoke is all multiples of 12 so just the repeat), knit starting with those stitches, then crank through the 12 sts as many times as possible, then end with the stitches marked for your size after! You’ve got it! : )


I’m using Wool of the Andes. MC - Cloud, a little more yellowy-cream than I was hoping for. Contrasts are Persimmon, Sapphire, Spruce and Cranberry (I think - had to make some changes while on the phone with them). Next up: do a swatch. Love reading about the colors others are choosing for their Hadley - but then I like rainbows of colors!


I’ve swatched and using size 7 needles. Pretty excited to start!


Thanks to Kerrie for bringing up the subject of cast-ons. She got me exploring some new ones. I like the idea of an invisible cast-on. I couldn’t get the alternate cable cast on to look neat enough in 2 x 2 ribbing even though it looks great in 1 x 1. I love the Very Stretchy Cast-On by Tillybuddy: . Even though it springs back beautifully after being stretched, I fear that this may not give enough structure to the sweater. What is your experience with this cast-on for sweaters? Nell,I still have tomorrow to try out your suggestion of the tubular cast on but am still open to other suggestions as well. Maybe I stick to a loose long-tail cast on? Thanks.


I will be starting late. Not much knitting time during the week and a wip or two to finish first.


I just happen to have some loft , and I was not going to join in until I saw this because I did not want to buy more yarn and break my resolution - its only january for heaven’s sake!- but now that you mention loft, I may have to switch support groups.


I’m going with a long tail cast on, but will work the 2x2 as a row, then join leaving the bumpy side as the public side.


Fringe Association posted about best cast ons for bottom up sweaters gleaned from a tips and tricks workshop in SF:

Lucy Nearby video compares two long tail cast ons about half way through her video:

I tried the alternating cable and switched the order of the purl and knit cast on loops to follow 2x2 ribbing. Looks nice but can’t yet imagine using this method for more than 100 stitches.

I will probably do Long-tail or German Twisted cast-on and use two balls of yarn for the cast on so I don’t have to measure out the tail length or chance running too short or too excessive. I’ll use a braided join and no slip knot to minimize bulk.


This is a bit premature but I concerned about whether I will have enough yarn based on my gauge. I am making the 39.5" size. My gauge on a US 6, after blocking, is 19.25 sts and 29.5 rows per 4". This will tighten up a bit when knit in the round. Gauge on US 7 is 16.5 sts and 27.25 rows per 4", so US 6 it is. I’ll definitely be knitting more rows and therefore using more yarn.

I’ve contacted Brooklyn Tweed about the possibility of purchasing more yarn in my dye lot. Any other suggestions?


So I found my yarn for the Hadley Sweater! I decided not to use Brooklyn Shelter, although I love the colors! I am using Cascade Ecco (Undyed Peruvian Highland Wool) and Cestari (100% Fine Merino Wool; Kettle dyed: Spruce Blue, Douglas Fir, Hummingbird Vine, Thistle Pod). I was able to purchase the yarn at my local knitting store, which I like to support. The Cestari yarn is produced in VA where I live, another plus!


Time to swatch! A welcome reprieve from all the political noise on TV and social media! I am looking forward to swatching while watching a good show on ACORN TV.


I have been swatching with Shelter, and it looks like I may need to use a 6 to get gauge. I rarely have any trouble getting gauge, so am a little stressed. That means using a 4 for the ribbing – it doesn’t seem right. Has anyone else had an issue?


I’m knitting Wool of the Andes and even on size 6 was getting 18 in / 4 in. So I am starting with the sleeve and see how the gauge goes. But I’m sticking with the 6 needles, did the cuff with 4’s. Worked out well so far!