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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1


I went down to a size 7 needle and thought I would have to swatch again with a 6, but I washed and blocked the swatch. Overnight, as it dried, it tightened up to the right gauge. Hope that helps.


Read the blog this morning and now I’m kicking myself for not bringing my Hadley yarn with me on this work trip. (A shawl in progress seemed easier for mindless plane knitting) I will be casting on when I get home Friday night!


Thank you for this cast-on video. I knit a lot of snowboarder beanies for my son’s friends. Often after I soak the hat, for blocking/softening-the-wool etc., the ribbed brim stretches out. I’m going to try this cast on to see if it holds better than long-tail.

On socks I’ve used the German cast on which is a modified long-tail that puts an extra amount of yarn in each cast-on stitch. It might work for your sweater issue.


Oops. I was trying to reply to Adelaida and the cast-on video I was referring to was the Tillybuddy one.


I’m Kim in Madison Wi casting on today for the official start! I made half a sleeve and am so glad I did because my gauge was off. So I am springing to action on size 5 and 7 needles and the 4th size…so happy to be participating in the KAL!


I’m on 4’s and 6’s, too. Actually, I’m using 3’s for the sleeve bands.


Yes! German twisted cast on is what I went for per Kerrie’s suggestion:[quote=“Kerrie, post:135, topic:676”]
I will probably do Long-tail or German Twisted cast-on and use two balls of yarn for the cast on so I don’t have to measure out the tail length or chance running too short or too excessive. I’ll use a braided join and no slip knot to minimize bulk.
I love it! First time with this cast on and first time using two balls: brilliant suggestion. Thank you, Kerrie.


I wish I had time for this glorious project!
Yes I
Iike pie, I wish I had some warm sugar cream pie right now!


Pie! Who doesn’t love pie? In fact, I just had apple pie-flavored Greek yogurt for breakfast!

I won’t be able to cast on until after work this evening - don’t y’all get too far ahead of me!


I am using wool of the Andes (not the tweed) and the gauge came out spot on after washing and blocking. Good luck!


You can always modify the collar and use less yarn there. Or go rogue and add a band of color at the neck or sleeves to save your MC.


My first post in The Lounge! Am I one of the Big Kids now? I’m Jane, knitterjane on Ravelry, and I live in Huntsville, AL.

I’m going to use the Hadley KAL to finish my second Stopover (barely begun sometime mid-March last year, when I was still high from actually finishing Stopover #1 in the allotted time). There’s just something about February and wool, even when you live in the South.

Look forward to (sort of) joining in!


Braided Join? I’d love to know more…


I’m using Wool of the Andes. I got 18 STS to 4 in. On 8’s and 19.75 on the 7’s. I decided to use the 8’s and make a smaller size. I started on the sleeve to find out what I get in real life. Go Knitters!


I am definitely Banging Out a Hadley because last year I Banged out a Stopover and am so happy when I look in my closet and see that I have some handknit sweaters that actually fit me! I went out of my comfort zone with the Stopover, instead of using a neutral I went with a maroonish red, and I love it.

So this year my focus is to knit from my stash in order to justify any future purchases. I have an incredible selection of yarns, and lately have been buying SQ (sweater quatities) when I can. A yarn I’d always wanted to try was Peace Fleece and I purchased 8 skeins last year. After swatching, I am using a size 4 and 6 to knit the Hadley. Not quite banging speed but if I keep knitting on it, it will get done. The Peace Fleece Worsted is a little bit thicker than the Shelter (which I haven’t had the opportunity to hold in my hands in real life) and not “soft”. I was concerned that using a 6 would result in a too stiff material but my swatch was nice after washing. The colors of the Peace Fleece are interesting, many colors mixed together. I’m using the Katrinka Malinka Blue and it is blue but photographs on the grey side with hints of other colors mixed in.

I have some single skeins of Donegal Tweed from deep stash that has recently been uncovered and that may be my colorwork choices, or I just might use some handspun! Looking forward to the slog of stockinette, and hope the shaping will break up the monotony! I am going to go with the shaping since the yarn is so bulky.


I work about 48 hours a week so I doubt I’ll finish on time but I love this sweater. I’m in.


As of last night, while I was fiddling around and loading the pattern on my phone, I was still insisting that I am not banging out a Hadley.

And then this happened this morning. And it’s already at work with me.


ooh, you work at Ben & Jerry’s?


No. I work for the non-profit that owns the bakery that makes all the brownies for Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream. It’s awesome. We are very tight with them though and they are a whole lot of fun. It’s funny–I’m so used to that table that I wasn’t even paying attention to it. I work at it all the time.


I wake up at 5:45 each day in order to harass my 15 year old to catch the bus at 6:35. School doesn’t start til 7:35 but they like them on campus early. Yes I could drive her but that would take a chunk of time away from my morning so I reserve the treat of driving her when it’s raining or really freaking cold or when I just feel nice.

So that gives me over 2 hours of knitting each morning, though with the lack of light at the end of the day I should be out walking in the morning instead and knitting at night…oh well.

Wednesdays I work on my own and get to knit at lunchtime without anyone looking over my shoulder. My co-worker is “odd” and wouldn’t think it would be appropriate for me to be knitting at my desk during my lunchtime. She made a comment that if I wanted to sit in my car and knit at lunch that would be ok if I needed a knitting break. Ugh. So I’m knitting today at lunch on my Hadley! No fun table like you have!