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Bang Out a Hadley: Getting Ready for Feb. 1


Lorraine does a good job showing it in her video:


Following along the thread of NOT knitting a Hadley, I have celebrated the morning of February 1 with the color knitting at the hem of my non sweater pattern. I can’t afford to buy the real pattern right now, so I’m making one up right now (I mean I would, assuming I’m making the thing) and I decided to add in a band of colorwork at the hem of the body - both to be pretty and because I’m sure I don’t have enough of the MC I chose out of stash and would like to stretch it where possible.

I don’t have the money to buy new yarn, so I’m using some I have in several colors in stash. I don’t know what I had planned to make with it, as the color choices seem quite sporadic to me, but It’s a lovely DK weight yarn and I LOVE color so I’m not upset at all.

I mean all of this hypothetically, of course. I am definitely NOT banging out a sweater. Of any kind.


Thanks so much, I have never seen this technique before!


I have a coworker like that!!!
Except I code at work and when I hit “GO” there is a wait time between 8 and 13 minutes where I have to watch and wait for my computer to do it’s thing before I figure out if it worked or not! I like to pull out my knitting because that’s time I cant do anything else with my computer so I might as well be productive but I get the stink eye every time I do.

The same coworker said it would be better if I read during that time instead? like … what???


I work from home and will knit when I have a break (like Katie waiting for something to update) or during conference calls when I’m not presenting (don’t tell anyone because my co-workers would not understand either). I actually concentrate better if I knit - otherwise I’m working on something else which pulls my concentration away or I am looking at yarn or patterns on the internet.

I cast on during my last meeting and have started the first row. I like knitting in the round after about 3 rounds but really hate getting it started – trying to not twist. Anyone have any good suggestions? After casting on I put it flat on a table and untwist to get started then check again after the first round as there is still a bit of slack. I would love to hear how others do it.


I don’t have a lot of suggestions for not keeping it twisted, but I can always say that if you do notice it’s twisted after a round or two you can simply untwist it and put the bad twist between just two stitches - they can handle it and it saves you ripping out!


Ah - good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.


I do as you do, knit flat for a few rounds and then join in the round after I’ve established the material. I’ve been burned by this way too many times!


Hi! I’m Angie, Mother, Knitter and Lover of Life - I Bangedoutasweater last year and I’m hoping to #bangoutaHadley in February this year. It is serendipity that I had a sufficient sweater quantity Shelter already in my stash, so only had to purchase 3 skeins of color for the colorwork (I had an additional color in my stash as well). I am in trouble right off the bat though as I haven’t swatched yet and today is 2/1…I am going to have to get my rear in gear as they say.

Good Luck to everyone and KNIT ON!


I’m a little late to the game and am picking up my yarn today.

This will be a challenge but I’m feeling up to it!

Does anyone else have a plan for the shaping portion of this sweater? Just going with the pattern or making adjustments?


Still swatching, but I think I am going to be on 4’s and 6’s, too.


You can always knit the first couple of rows flat and then joint when the work lays a bit easier so you don’t twist the join. Then you can seam up the first couple of rows when weaving in the co end.


I’ve used Cestrai yarn before, it’s great and as you mention, local! I love the deep tones of your contrast colors.


ALRIGHT. So, yesterday was a not-that-great kind of day, and in the midst of it, I came home to see my pile of Hadley yarn had arrived, so I definitely seized the moment, swatched to see I need to go down a needle size, and casted on. Just a couple rounds into the ribbing, but I’m up and running on this KAL, and couldn’t be happier for a good meaty project to sink my stewing brain into.

This is gonna be great.


All good suggestions. I was lucky enough to purchase 2 additional skeins in the same lot from the lovely people at Brooklyn Tweed. So, that problem solved. I’m still not happy with my swatch and will continue playing with needle sizes.

Thanks for your response.


Yesterday I got my yarn and wound it up. I’ve been fascinated with the range possible with all-natural colors for a while, so I decided to go in that direction (though some of these are surely dyed to achieve a natural color). From darkest to lightest, I’m using Meteorite, Nest, Barn Owl, Woodsmoke, and Fossil. I decided on Meteorite as the MC since it has the most contrast with the other colors I selected.

Today I have not one, but two knitting meetups - one guild and one informal group that gets together at the local library. So I should be able to get lots and lots of knitting in!


i’ve casted on. started on 6 and have moved to 7 – i kept knitting tighter and tighter! also not sure about the shaping but decided to go with it. knitting the smallest size to reduce the ease as i feel my sweaters always come out too big. So, of course, now I’m worried it will be too small —oh well! It will keep me interested and wondering as I knit along.
not crazy about the color chosen but going with it – camp is the color.
happy to be participating in this – i’m a slow knitter and hoping this forum will keep me at it!


Speaking of NOT making a sweater, today I celebrated this morning with a good amount of the colorwork I’ve chosen to put at the hem of my sweater. I’m about halfway through my chosen pattern right now … I’ll have to find out a way to add pictures later (when I’m not at work, ha, ha :sweat:)

Is there anyone else here participating in the knit-a-long but not … making … the actual Hadley sweater? (I would, but I’ve donated every bit of my discretionary budget I possibly could…)


I am also using Wool of the Andes after reading some early posts. It’s my first experience with this yarn and so far I’m impressed. Nice texture, lovely Heathery colors, and sure can’t best the price!
After swatching I decided to keep using size 8 needles but go down a size. Was a little worried about this until @riker.lynn posted she is also doing that. Now I feel better!


I find it interesting the pattern’s gauge on size 8 needles is difficult to achieve for many including myself. Is that common for most patterns?