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Bang Out a Hadley: Modifications?


I did the rollled hem, followed by a few rows of ribbing, that Kay describes. I would like to use one of my colors for the cast-on edge of the sleeves and for the bind-off (and maybe the last row, too) at the collar. But I only have one skein of Shelter in each of the contrast colors. So my question is - how much of the contrast colors does the colorwork use? (I’m making the second size - 39 1/2")


You’ll use way less than half of the skein, the second CC is the one that you’re going to use the most of. I think that you can very safely use any of the other colors for a round or 2 at each cuff and the last round and bind off at the collar.


Ugh. It’s not a difficult mistake to hide, but you do have to add an increase before you begin the colorwork. I ripped out several rounds because of missed increases.
Not fun, but I’m glad I did.


Maybe after a bath they won’t be so noticeable (and especially not to others).


I know I could have fixed it but I would always know it was there. I’ve ripped back to pick up the stitch. At least I plenty of knitting time this weekend.


I have a similar thing happening. I am hoping that after blocking they will become less visible. Beautiful color you have there!


Ooh jannabeth, using one of the CCs for the sleeve cast-on is a great idea. I may do that too. Wish I’d thought of it before I cast-on the body.


Thanks kikibatt, I hope so. Many a sin has washed away in blocking before, maybe this time too.


My first thought upon seeing Hadley was that I’d prefer the sweater without the color work on the sleeves. I didn’t think about it again until I had the ribbing done for both sleeves. Is anyone else knitting the sleeves plain?


I did the colorwork on the Hadley sleeves but opted not to on my first bangoutasweater the Stopover.


Thank you! I was wondering how to increase without disturbing the pattern!


Yes, I’m only doing colorwork on the yoke.


I am not there yet. About to bind off Dividing Round!


I hear ya! I was hopeful that I’d finish by the end of February, but life said, “Um, no, here’s some stuff to interfere with your knitting.” I think I might actually get this thing bound off and blocked by this weekend, though. Fingers crossed!


Great idea and i love your Cousin Riddaris - boys’ and girls’ versions. Thanks!


Took a little hiatus to learn about weaving on a ridge heddle loom. Not like I needed another fiber craft but oh well…It is way too much fun! I am about to join the sleeves. I knit them at the same time on two circulars so they would be similar in length etc. I used bobbins of each color to help alleviate the tangling as this yarn really loves to cling to other strands. Somewhere I read about errata, or some change in the pattern. But I do not know where to find it. Looking for some guidance here before I trudge on. It’s now 90+ degrees in California so hope to get this done before the next cold snap. LOL Thank you all for the help. Your finished sweaters are all so very beautiful!!!


Check out Purl Soho’s woven Field Scarf. It’s in ivory, gray. And black w subtle perpendicular bands of lavender.

I believe the modification you’re talking about w the yoke design chart was in in the decrease area 2/3rds of the way up. The pattern usually eliminated a MC square at the sides of the chart when there was a decrease in the previous row. At one spot the squares had to be adjusted at the end and beginning of the rows. If you just follow the main design and see where the decreases would hit so many rows up from a reference point in the design, then fill in the rest w main color stitches, you’ll be fine. Nellknits did post a chart to show how the side squares should have been drawn. Her posting was in the My Progress Thread during, I believe, the third week in February. You could search under her postings.


Thank you very much, Kerrie


There was also a lot of discussion about the pattern repeat and the different sizes. It doesn’t work out evenly in some of the sizes. I ended up not doing my increases until after the color work was done