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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


I am having the same problem as juniperjune…if row 23 should have 9 stitches, how does row 24 end up with 7 stitches when only one decrease is shown? Should I knit 2 tog at the end of the charted repeat?


There is no decrease on row/round 23. There should be 9 blocks across, 3 MC, p1, k1, p1 in CC and 3 MC.
The following row/round is SSSK MC, k1 MC, k1 CC, k4 MC.
Here’s a chart showing the corrections.
Please note that with my program the ‘k2tog’ is shown as a slash, and my purl dot is white.


Thank you, I think I’ve got it! Your chart is great, thanks again


Thank you! It’s perfect!


on row 21. feeling as if I may make it happen by the 28th!


Thanks also for your chart.


Thanks nellknits for working out the correction and sharing it. I am currently bogged down. I copied your chart and explanation into a word document so I can put it with my pattern for when I get there.


I’m done and I tried it on and it looks weird. Was I supposed to start the waist shaping right after the ribbing? That’s what the directions seemed to say, so that’s what I did. But it’s way too tight on my hips and loose at the top. I like the loose top, but combined with the tight hips, I look like a football player. Did I do it wrong? I’m going to do what Karen Templar did with her St. Brennan. I’m going to cut it at the point under the yoke above the waist shaping, and then knit downwards, without shaping.


Quick question: I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that when knitting in the round, you knit all chart rows reading from right to left?

And that’s what I’ve been doing.

Now I have that sinking feeling. Should I have been reading the even numbered rows from left to right??

I’m only on first sleeve, doing the 12-stitch repeat for the 48-stitch sleeve, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I have to rip back …


You’re doing it just right! <3



And I found confirmation “When working a chart in the round, you are always working on the right side, so you work each row of the chart from right to left,” in the Knitting for Dummies website … but you know, some other references said the opposite!

Just one of those weird moments of sudden doubt. Glad I asked before ripping! Thank you @nellknits :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I am also behind everyone for a variety of reasons. Hang in there!


Well woooooooo- I’m out of the sweater ribbing! :expressionless:
I got me a 12 in Circ to start a sleeve because I’m itching to try the color work!!
Another question: how many of you opted not to do any waist shaping? I’m thinking of not doing any…


Almost ready for the short rows.

I just learned to knit last spring. I always had done crocheting and needlework. I was inspired to knit by a men’s sport magazine extolling the performance and comfort of handknitted wool socks for hiking and skiing. I knitted three pairs of socks for my boys making up my own pattern but trying a new heel design and new invisible elastic bind off for each. This is my first time to try colorwork and first time to read a pattern. Thank you to everyone that has chimed in with observations and advice.


Thanks! Also working from a medium quality PDF printout. I’m about to start round 12 of the color work and was very confused-- did not distinguish the gray as no-stitch at all. Looks like I have to rip and redo that decrease round. Thanks again.


When reading the chart for the sleeves, I found it easier to write in color initials on graph paper because different sizes started at different places on the chart. I also left several rows empty between color changes to help me keep my place. Also the graph squares were a little larger and easier to see.


I put markers where I started the w & t to help alert me when I needed to start watching for them on subsequent w&t’s and in picking up the wraps. I was also able to prove to myself the short rows would be centered in respect to the Ragland decreases. I read advice to snug up the yarn after making the wrap to help keep the loop small and, when picking up the wraps, to make sure the loop stays behind the accompanying stitch it’s being knitted together with.


I sat down with my medium quality print out and fine point markers with the chart on a computer screen in front of me (or my hard copy book) and marked the various shades of gray with a small mark in the color that gray box should be and that clarified which grays were stitches and which grays were no stitch grays. Has been helping me but am currently bogged down in the body ribbing because I can’t decide whether to shape or not shape the waist. I got out a UFO with not much in the way of pattern while Hadley percolates in my head.


Well, here it is in its unblocked glory:

Next I’ll throw it in a bath, but there’s no telling how long it will make my house smell like a wet dog before it’s dry enough for a final picture. It was a good way to use up some leftovers, except now I have a skein of green left over, and I didn’t use up all of any of them, so keep the yoked patterns coming, I guess.:laughing:


Joined the sleeves! I can’t wait to start the yoke colorwork…