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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Pretty!!! Love your colors!


In finishing the underarm edges they suggest the Kitchener stitch which is an invisible seam both inside and out or you could use a three needle bindoff which leaves a subtle seam which you wouldn’t see unless you raise your arms up. Both the Kitchener grafting or three needle bind off are working w live stitches so it seems it would be best to hold those 8 stitches on thick crochet thread.
I had already bound off as the pattern said before I thought it out further so I am going to sew across the edges following how a knit stitch would bridge across so it will look it will invisible from the right side with the bound off edges on the inside.


I’m on the neck! The end is in sight.


Instructor Carol Feller had two different techniques in picking up the wraps on the w&t short rows which does make it look neater on the front side. But with the w&t’s being so prominently located on the front I took out my w&t short rows this morning and replaced them with German short rows. Happy with the results.


Oh yippee! Got my sleeves attached!!! Knit them to 191/2". I’ve never seen BO stitches under arms in a pattern - so now I’ve learned something new :slight_smile:


Beautiful job!

My sleeves ended up being right at 19.5", too. I also was wondering about binding off the edges vs moving them onto thick crochet thread to hold them so they would be live stitches for the Kitchener Stitch. I just finished taking a tapestry needle and sewing across as to follow a knit stich working on the right side. This leaves the bound off chain on the inside.
How do you work a Kitchener Stitch w bound off edges?


Thanks! I have no clue how to work a Kitchner on BO edge. Maybe there is a youtube video :wink:
Sounds like you have a nice solution, though.


So blocking is happening. My sweater has definitely grown. I hope I like it as much when it dries! My gauge was right on and I know it is oversized in the picture but it looks really big right now. :flushed:


It sounds difficult if you read it but once you do it it is easy! I always have to watch a YouTube tube video to get myself started. Lol! There are a ton out there!


Do you mean Kitchener on ‘live’ stitches or on stitches already bound off? I can’t seem to find a video that shows that?? With the regular Kitchener on live stitches I have a little paper I alway look at called the ‘Zen of Kitchener Stitch’ by Laura Nelkin. I think it was on her blog long ago (2010) I printed a bunch out and have one in all of my sock project bags. Works for me :relaxed:



Here’s my sweater!
I ran out of yarn during the neck ribbing (currently 1.75") and am waiting to order one more skein. While working the sleeves I decided to increased the length of the ribbing at the wrists to 4" which used up the yarn.


I think I may mattress stitch the underarms. Not sure. Just finished knitting. Will sleep on it. Either way, it is a daylight project.


I say the mock-t looks great as is.


Wow, Kerrie! That’s so beautiful to see–not only did you finish a sweater,
but you grew a whole fambly to go with it! It looks amazing–what a great

I’m still finishing sleeve 2. Am going to have to some crazy amount of
Banging to get my Hadley Out in the next two days . . .


You look beautiful in your sweater, Kerrie! You must be proud of finishing it so quickly too. And to think you just learned to knit last spring and this is your first color work! Bravo! Great family picture, too… :blush:


Thank you, Ann! I was very pleased with this pattern and experience in the knit-a-long.


Thank you, barbyte. It has been such a fun project! Can’t wait to try another sweater.


German short rows method is a great alternative for the w&t short rows. It doesn’t result in the little blip from knitting the wrap w the stitch. The area of the turns blend in completely and the fabric feel smooth and even!


Finished tonight. Going to soak and block tomorrow. Pictures to come. I love February!!