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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


I finished my Hadley! @kerrie my neckline looks just like yours and I am keeping it that way. I did not do any body shaping because I wanted a boxy fit. And that is what I got. I’m going to say it is a “boyfriend” sweater. Is that even a thing? Anyway, I’m very happy with it but next time would probably do about half the shaping called for. Enjoyed this kal very much. Thanks Ann and Kay!


I picked up the stitches on either side of the arm hole and then did the Kitchener stitch.


When weaving under the arms, here’s a video showing how to join vertical edges that were already bound off. I had learn from the New Stitch a Day video but it used darker yarn. I thought this video showed and explained the technique better going through the center of the knit stitch V’s on one edge and around the legs of the V on the other edge:

I thought this was a nice video to illustrate how grafting is following a knit stitch:

Love the Zen of Kitchener summary sheet that barbyte posted. The site also has helpful photos for reference, too.

I was wanting to learn the Kitchener stitch w live stitches because I had a project I was needing to add more stockinette stitches in the middle to repair an area. I threaded two reactive life lines above and below and cut across the stitches. I actually cutting my former project in half last night. I’ll knit up to the other live stitches held on another cable and will try the Kitchener graft for the first time. I never heard of the Kitchener stitch being used in this manner before but it sounds like this is what Kay might due if she knits up a third sleeve ribbing and Colorwork and grafts it onto the rest of the sleeve she worked. This will be similar to the second video above.


Done! Just needs a bath.


Go, Ann…GO!!! You can do it :relaxed:


I am on row 10 of the color work chart for yoke and am wondering…is everyone doing Nell’s revised chart? While reading ahead I noticed the Sssk. First time I’ve run into this in a pattern. What is the purpose of this kind of decrease? Just wondering…:thinking:


The double decrease (SSSK) is used to reduce the fabric at the hard angle of the shoulder.
It could also have been done with 2 SSK’s spaced over the 9 stitches.
And further, I think that the recommended yarn, Shelter, being so lofty, had something to do with the designer’s choice.
My chart just illustrates more clearly where the stranded colorwork would and should be (keeping the CC stitch stacked on the previous rounds CC) with that decrease.


Thanks so much, Nell - that helps me to understand some of these things :relaxed:


I took a picture of my sweater in different light this morning and I can definitely see the line going across the bottom third of my sweater! Fortunately because of the color and the placement - I don’t think it will be an issue when I’m wearing it…however…it is very disappointing. I have never heard anybody say that they needed to alternate skeins using Brooklyn Tweed. I just finished a sweater using Malabrigo Rios and I did indeed alternate every row.
If I had knit this in a darker color I would be very upset to see the line :frowning: And still it is a BUMMER! Yes. All skeins are the same dye lot.

On a happier note - barring any huge knitting mishap or castastrophe - I just might finish today!


I have adjusted my expectations, and have gone from #bangoutahadley to #bangoutasecondsleeve in February.
In my defense, the knitting time got co-opted by a nasty roof leak I found on Feb 1, that saw me tearing out walls, replacing floors in two rooms, and doing a rebuild in my bathroom shower. On the flip side, I now have a nice assortment of power tools.


Gorgeous sweater, barbyte!!


Thanks, Kerrie…I’m trying😊


Hi barbyte–First of all, your Hadley is really amazing. Second, we are really, really sorry to see that your yarn has dye lot issues. We’ll contact you separately regarding this.

Kay and I would like everyone to know that our goal at all times is for you to be happy with the things you order from MDK. Thank you so much for being a part of MDK.



Oh, @barbyte, your sweater is just beautiful.
The change in tone is very disappointing - and something that I’ve never heard of before. I’ve knit multiple Shelter items and not alternated skeins of the same lot. But, I have noticed shade variations between lots.
You are right about the placement, it shouldn’t be at all apparent when you have it on.

Congratulations on being so very close…


Hi Ann - So sweet of you to reply! No…I did not order my yarn from one of your kits. I ordered it Loop in Philly. But I don’t think it would be the store’s fault, right? I wrote to BT to see what they might say. I really have never seen anyone say to alternate skeins with Shelter. In fact many have ran out of yarn only to purchase a different dye lot and the yarn had no issues with color. I’m very hopeful that when I wear this it will not be noticeable. It is a lot of time and $$ for this to happen though. I love BT yarn and this is my first sweater with it - maybe they had an incident with this particular dye lot???
But again. Thank you for your concern!!


Thanks, Nell! I’m keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:


All done! Now it’s in the Tub Trug blocking!


Gorgeous! Love the colors you’ve chosen!


I had that issue on a sleeve. Since then, I’ve been alternating for a few rounds at the end of one skein and the beginning of the other. So far, it seems to be fine. I can’t tell if there was one rogue skein (they’re all the same dye lot, it probably has more to do with the blended nature of the fiber) or it just need some blending at the transition. Your transition seems to be at the waist, which is an area that often has movement. Maybe it won’t be as noticeable in action? Your sweater is nonetheless beautiful, and Shelter makes such a cozy fabric.


That’s what I was thinking, Gwyneth - yes I love Shelter - it knits up so super cozy and nice! Thanks!