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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Well, Barbi, I’m still sorry anyway! : ) I do think it will not be too noticeable when you wear it—and I hope you wear it a lot.

I have had this experience once with a yarn that shifted pretty dramatically, right across the chestular area. It was a hand-dyed yarn, so I chalked it up to Design Element. What surprised me is that the color shift wasn’t noticeable until I laid the sweater out to block it.

Anyway, hoping you’ll be along for our next knitalong adventure. You’ve inspired me to get my yoke done—I have a whole day left, right?

xo Ann


So I ducked out to knit for a while, and then the whole month was over! Here’s the most recent shot of my Hadley, going for her bath:


I usually weave them in after i finished each single piece (if applicable) and then block.


Hadley complete! Great way to enjoy the month of February…


Everyone’s sweaters are just beautiful!! I am still on the body, but getting close to being able to start a sleeve!! Can’t wait for the color work.


I had problems on my sleve with the 3-strand rows too. But there are very few of those. I switched to a 16inch circular for a second try and found that much easier. Finally got color combos that worked after switching to black and white photos that helped me see the contrasts. I have photos but I’m not seeing how to post them. Help?


OK, here is a b&w version.



Happy Birthday and a happy year of knitting!


I finished the colorwork on my 2nd sleeve last night. My goal is to join the 3 tubes no later than March 1. Although I do have a thing that will interfere with knitting tomorrow night…


Haha, Ann - so glad you’re still sorry (misery loves company😜). Funny too, how I took so many photos of this sweater and not until I laid it out on the chair in morning light did I notice - there it was - ‘the dreaded line’. At least the line isn’t across MY chestular area! I think that would be the worst possible place.

That said…this is the nicest piece I have knitted to date. I LOVE the pattern and the yarn and this knitalong has been relaxing and at the same time motivational. AND I learned so many little new things.

I hope you got lots done on your Hadley today and yep another whole day tomorrow! Happy speed knitting😱


I don’t think you could go wrong with either - both are super nice - one a bit more subtle but lovely!


Oh man, I was feeling so smug, getting all the tubes on one needle—until I
realized that my needle is way too short for all those tubes. Stymied! A
scramble through the Vault of Needles netted zero size 7s of a decent
length, so I have to go to Haus of Yarn tomorrow for another needle. This
is how I end up with a pile of yarn: the wayward needle errand . . .


I used large safety pins in the life line holes at the ends of the cable joins to make sure the stitches didn’t slip off the needles when I laid the work down during those rows right after the sleeves were joined until I had enough decreases in rows 11 & 18 that it wasn’t a concern.


That is the best knitter-feeling! And I love your sweater :slight_smile:


Kudos on diving into knitting with such verve! Socks AND a sweater?! WOW!


That might have been a blessing in disguise:innocent:otherwise you could have been up all night knitting and been a zombie today :wink:


I am almooooost done–just finished the yoke colorwork and looking forward to all the decreases that will allow me to Get It Done.

I was held up by rounds 23 and 24. I made the suggested correction on r23, adding one MC stitch at the end of the repeat, and the round worked out correctly in pattern. But when I started r24, doing the double decrease and then knitting 2 MC stitches did not bring me to the CC stitch, as shown on the chart. On the needle I had 4 MC stitches before the CC stitch, so sssk, k2 overshot the CC stitch by one stitch.

I tried moving the sssk around in the repeat, but I could not make it work. So I went another way to achieve two stitches decreased in the repeat:

MC ssk. MC CC MC k2tog MC (r24)

This works out correctly in pattern for this round and allows you to knit the following round (25) as shown on the chart.

Perhaps all this was due to some self-created glitch–I don’t see how, but I’ll allow for the possibility! At any rate, this solution works for me, and if anyone else faces the same puzzlement I hope it will help.


YIPPEE!!! I did it (well…still have to block and weave in ends) but - I started on Feb 6 and Finished today! If my math is correct that is 21 days!!! Wow! I am in shock. Never expected to get this off the needles.
Thank you MDK for such an inspiring knitalong :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


I like the longer cuffs!