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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


When knitting in the round there are no ‘even’ rows. You knit on every row. And yes - charts are read Right to Left.


Despite sneaking in an early start, I am only just about to join sleeves to the body. But that’s okay as I’ve got another deadline in mind and some open blocks of time in the next few days! It’s been fun and I’ve learned a ton and can’t wait to do another one!


Beautiful job on the sweater!
Is that a built-in cabinet?! Love the paint color w the white dishes. They made a striking back drop for the sweater.


Congratulations to all of you who have finished your sweaters! So beautiful! I am crawling along after a late start and problems with contrast colors, but hey, I’m about 2/3 done.


Thanks, Kerrie!
No…not a built-in, but an old cabinet my mother-in-law had in her house for years. I brought it home when she was getting rid of it and I think it has seen every color in the last 25 years. Funny, my white dishes are the only dishes that seem to look good with that color. I tried a few different but always went back to those.


Not happening on my end. Although for a very good reason. My next door neighbors (who are fabulous) have a niece who had a very very premature baby. Little Libby is doing well–screaming her head off so the lungs are good even though she is less than four pounds–so I needed to drop everything and bang out a baby sweater. Since the little biscuit was so determined to be born in February, a February Baby Sweater she shall have. In my favorite, sadly discontinued Optimum yarn with two perfectly matching vintage buttons.

I now return to my regularly scheduled Hadley.


It’s lovely and perfect. Lucky babe.


Finished everything but the blocking! I love this sweater and really appreciated this knit along to get me going on a Hadley!


Finished - with a couple of hours to spare!

Thanks for all the helpful hints here. After practicing my stranded knitting techniques on some mittens and following your suggestions to knit the stranded sections inside-out my puckering problem was no more. I was also reassured to see I wasn’t the only one scratching my head over row 23 or wondering how to do the Kitchener stitch on stitches that had been bound off.

I’m happy with the sweater, but puzzled by why my yoke looks like it has buttonholes where I did the sssk’s in row 24. I’m considering it a personal design element, but want to know the cause so I don’t do it again. Any ideas?

Thanks, MDK, for this KAL. I’ve enjoyed being part of this Bang-Out and I’ve learned a lot, but I think I’ll go back to Stopovers for serial knitting.


Your sweater is beautiful!! Is this a pattern that is available for purchase? If so, what is the name of the pattern?


So many beautiful Hadley’s! Congrats to everyone on their progress. I have finished the body, knit both cuffs and then realized the needles I need for the sleeves are currently being used by my Apres-Anything Socks. I’ll finish the socks up as our tax return allows and then proceed to bang out my Hadley.


Not sure if this will help you now, but I put notes on my project page on Ravelry. Maybe they’ll help someone else?

At the end of round 23, I think you need to slip the last stitch to the right needle, remove the marker, slip the stitch back, and replace the marker. This should line everything else up.


I think they appear that way because of the thickness of the stitches right there, with the far right stitch being on top. It may come out with blocking.

I ended up changing mine to a central double decrease, which looked more like the sample sweater photo.


Every child needs such a gift as this. Sentiment nor yarn is ever wasted on an early biscuit. Lovely backdrop also!


Thanks, Melissa. The photo was taken after a nice long soak, so blocking did not fix it.

Your Rav notes are great - wish I had had them before I knit this!


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } You’re right, I think. That gives you enough stitches to do the sssk and stay in pattern. I wondered about doing something like that but didn’t work it all out.


It’s actually a classic Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern–The February Baby Sweater from her book Knitters Almanac. You can pick it up on Amazon for under $10. I love the book and the pattern. It’s a pretty easy knit. The only modifications that I ever make on it are only putting buttons on the yoke and not the whole sweater and I add an extra stitch on each and when I add on the stitches for the sleeves to make the seaming of the sleeves nice and tidy. Let me know if you make it. The pattern is (admittedly by EZ) pithy and I can walk you through it.


I wanted to share a modeled photo. I love my new sweater so much!


Oh Melissa, that’s gorgeous! Springtime colors, amazing fit, everything.
Wear it every day!

Xoxo Ann


Wow! That’s a beauty and such a perfect fit!