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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


finished last night! fits really great – very warm sweater for California. Decided it’s best for skiing and camping (hehe – since I used Camper)


Wow! What a slam dunk this is! You wear it well–wishing you many campfires
ahead. xoxoxox


Awesome colors! Great feeling to get a good fit and be finished :slight_smile:


Feeling like a dunce. I tried scrolling through the whole month’s comments and helps but didn’t find this one addressed…

I’m on Rows 11/12 of the yoke and can’t make the math work. Probably handicapped because my chart is in B/W and I can’t tell if any of the blocks are “no stitch”, but still, the math:

If Row 11 has two decreases (SSK and K2tog), shouldn’t Row 12 have only 10 stitches? My chart shows 12 stitches through Row 15, which I think SHOULD have the two decreases, but doesn’t.

Sorry to be so late to the party… Thanks.


The 4th and 10th stitches on the decrease round and 3 rounds above the decreases are grey/no stitch squares.


I’m approaching this area myself and appreciate the heads up on the no stitch zone. This whole sweater has amazed me in that when I reach each milestone there is a bit of trepidation then … something seems to gel so that … the upcoming instructions and the Lounge tipsters make sense! What a quick February/March this is.


Here’s my Hadley. How do I love it, let me count the ways: the shaping, the lovely little here-and-there purl stitches, the short rows to raise the back of the neck (genius!), the generous ribbing, the way the colorwork pattern both blends and highlights the colors, Shelter, which softens so beautifully after a short soak. I’m also enamored of the colors I chose. I admit it.

I did the double decreases on r24 differently from the pattern but still achieved the sharp angle I wanted; the decreases are invisible.

I decided to make the smallest size as written, except for shortening the sleeves and neck a bit. If I did another Hadley I would also shorten the body by losing a few rows after the shaping.

An influx of cold weather has cooperated, and I’m happily wearing Hadley right now.


This is just wonderful to see. It looks beautiful! So glad you have a cold
snap so you can wear it now. Congratulations!


What a great look… still banging & looking for any little reward for this tortoise & have now realized that the 11th row which begins the no stitch zone really means that when I multiply 2 Dec x 20 the answer = 40 less stitches to each round. Sweet little reward for banging on February 31st…


I’m glad you finished before me so I can ask a question. What did you do instead of the double Dec on the 24th row to make it lay flat? I’m just about there & want that look. We have the warmest winter on record this year with a for cast of 70’s tomorrow.


I came in search of this exact answer to my puzzlement. Thank you!! I shall proceed on with the yoke.


Had the same question. You beat me to it!


I did the double decrease on my Hadley, but if I were to make this again (and I just may) I would do 2 decreases within the charted area, one on either side of the CC instead.


Your question made me go back and look again at nellknits’s correction for r23, and as I had suspected in the back of my mind, I had missed something. She altered not just that round but also all that follow, and if I’d followed her entire corrected chart, not just the r23 fix, the double decrease at the beginning of r24 would have worked out just fine. In essence, after adding an MC stitch to the left side of the chart on r23, on r24 and all following rounds she moves one MC stitch from the right side of the chart to the left. So you absolutely can follow her corrected chart if you’re more attentive than I was!

(Nellknits, I hope this is an adequate description of your correction.)

That being said, if you want to use my version of the double decrease, which uses two single decreases, you need to do nellknits’s fix on r23 but then go back to the chart shown in the pattern and follow it, except for doing the decreases this way on r24:

MC ssk(MC) MC CC MC k2tog(MC) MC round 24

Please let me know if this isn’t clear.


I’ll just add that scrolling up to nellknits’s fix and comparing her chart to the pattern chart will be more illuminating than all I wrote just now.


Such beautiful finished objects! I am coming late to the party because my yarn arrived just 10 days ago. Just about finished the first sleeve, and I am transfixed by a mistake I made when I did the sleeve increases: I stupidly let it throw off my last section of colourwork. Now I have to decide if I want to ignore it, since it is a only a small section on the inner sleeve,

or choose the best method to fix it. I would normally just do duplicate stitch, but those purl bumps make it difficult. Any suggestions?


My Hadley is finished - just need to block it - and I love it! We got 4 inches of snow today, so the weather is perfect for its debut. I initially made it as a turtleneck, following the pattern, but the yarn I chose is a bit scratchy, and the neck was uncomfortable. So I re-worked it as a crew neck. The Bang Out was great fun!


Really enjoyed banging out my Hadley…now I’m wondering what ideas are out there for the leftover yarn…? It’s too nice to go in a stash bin for long!


Snow! This looks so great–the gray is such a good backdrop for the yoke.


Yes! I was thinking that a matching hat would be lovely, maybe with a shortened/contracted version of the color work so that it doesn’t turn out too tall. Back to the present, though… I am still on the colorwork in the yoke and loving it! Want to finish so I can start on my helical stripes!