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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


The same thing happened to me but I am not fixing it because it will be on the inside of my arm. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m almost finished the second sleeve (and avoided the same error on it) so I’ll probably do the same. Even done correctly the little jog where the new round starts throws the design off a little, so I am resigned to imperfection! Did you run into any issues on the bodice? Nowhere to hide on that one :wink:


I just posted a separate question on the chart to ask the question of those who have already done the work. I saw some posts on modifying the chart for the yoke but I do not understand if it is a necessary modification or optional. I want to know before I start it! I was off on my body stitches so I messed up when i attached the arms and had to detach them. TWICE.


Well good for you for fixing it! I had the same question about the modification for the bodice - was wondering if it was an actual pattern correction or not. I was planning to go back and read through the thread more closely.


The chart has a tiny error at row 23. There hasn’t been a decrease, but the chart loses a stitch. Then on the next row, there is a double decrease, but the chart only loses one stitch.

The missing stitch on row 23 should be another of the background color. If you knit this and don’t worry that you seem to have an extra, then the double decrease on the next row fixes everything.


finished. I’ve had no time to post because I’ve been wearing it so much. Love this sweater perfect fit. Just perfect!


Nell, I’m on page 14 at “Shape Back Neck” & stuck after re-reading notes, special techniques, w&t ad nauseum. I’m afraid to take off the 20 makers that allowed me to do the fair isle so perfect. I know which is my beg of row marker that began when I cast on. Am I right that this is the first time the pattern has referred to the back versus the front?


Until now the sweater has been identical on either side and yes, I think this is the first time the pattern has referred to them as a front and a back.
The only marker that you really need is the one that marks the beginning of the round. You are so very close to being done, hooray!!


So where does the back start & end. I’ve done the entire sweater on circulars. Is it correct that I must switch to DPNs? Another confusion is the only thing that separates the beg of round front from the beg of round at the back is the sleeve stitches… yes or no?


You may need to use DPN’s or a 16/20" needle for the neckband. I magic looped mine.
The directions have you begin the short rows at the beginning of the round marker, which I’m fairly certain is placed at the end of the back neck at the left shoulder. The other marker was for the opposite side.


While you’re wearing it is a great time to hand someone your camera :slight_smile:


This helps me. My 12 inch circular needle is in place so I’m off and going …


Your sweater is beautiful! Do you have instructions on how you did a crew neck instead? I’d like to do that as well. Thanks!


I un-raveled the sweater to the point where the short row shaping for the back neck would start. Then I switched to the smaller needles and worked the 2x2 rib for about an inch – I matched the “height” of the ribbing to another crew neck sweater of mine that I like. Hope this helps!


Hadley is ready for a bath in 35days! Pic isn’t posting but put it on #bangoutahadley Ready for the snow this weekend. … so cozy!


Crushed. Was churning away on the yoke - and somehow getting pattern correctly when I saw it. A dropped stitch. 6 rows down? More? Ugh. I am not skilled enough to frog back and fix it so I’m (not so) patiently tinking back. Now I need to make sure I’ve got the right # of stitches and that my pattern is correct and I’ll move along. All it means is that I won’t be wearing it this weekend and that by the time it’s done it will be too warm to wear. le sigh.


It’s finished! Thank you so much to everyone for sharing all of their knowledge and encouragement. If you had told me a couple of months ago that I would complete a Fair Isle Sweater in 5 weeks and a day, I would have thought you were crazy. This was so much fun!


This is so fantastic to see!!! Congratulations, and I hope it stays
freezing cold for the next three months so you can wear it all the time.


Thanks I’ll give it a try!


Please help. I do not understand the short row directions

What to do ?