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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


At what point are you not getting the directions? I’m happy to walk you through…


Hang in there … it will be so worth going back , especially when you get to finish & wear it.


Here is my understanding of what I should do.

Starting at the round marker knit 22 stitches ( I am making the next to smallest size) and then wrap and turn.
Then I purl back 72 stitches ( I think that’s the number, pattern is at home) and wrap and turn. In doing this I am going to need to knit the first wrap and turn I made ?
Then I knit back to 3 stitches before the first wrap and turn. Is this correct ?

It seems I making the extra fabric over the shoulder seam.


You are knitting to the front neck, turning and purling to the other side of the front neck - then you’ll be working to 3 stitches prior to the previous wrap and turn. You will be making extra fabric at the shoulder area.
After completing the short rows you will then work one round closing the gaps created by the short rows, then move on to the ribbing.


okay thanks that helps a lot. I was having trouble visualizing what to do.

thank you elizabeth


I feel your pain. I just finished the waist shaping this afternoon when I noticed a dropped stitch in the last row of my 2x2 ribbing. That’s just getting a little sew-in-place and cross the fingers that it’s not noticeable, because I think I’d just shrivel up and die if I had to frog back that much knitting.


Absolutely stunning!!


You are not alone! I complete did it then tinked it because I could not visualize it. I ended up using a pen and paper and drawing back and forth arcs to see what I was doing and then it clicked. Yay visual learners! Lol.


Beautiful work! Love your colors.


Oh dear, you’re right, I should have. Wore it again today and forgot. I’m always the one taking pictures so it just doesn’t get done!


I started the yoke colorwork this afternoon. Yay!!!


I am halfway through the yoke colorwork. Yeah! It is so great to have fewer stitches on my needle.After joining the sleeves I switched to 3 circs-2holding the stitches and a third to knit onto. It worked pretty well until I got to the colorwork and the stitches kept falling off the ends, so I went back to one circ.I also had problems at the first decrease row on the chart. Finally figure out that what I thought was a third color was actually “no stitch”. My b/w printout of the chart threw me! Also, I didn’t do the pulls on the sleeves, but I decided to do them for the yoke. I wonder if it is harder to do them for fair isle for continental knitters (pickers)? I finally managed it by relaxing and taking it very slow and easy. A metaphor for life?


Not Pulls! Purls! Dam that sneaky corrector on my phone!


Beautiful, warm & bragging rights too!


Like the tumbling blocks in the background!


I used this braided splice (new to me) through out my Hadley which saved yarn plus I only had to sew in the ends of the colorwork. A big time saver as I hurried to try it on. Thanks


Whoa! I just had an idea. What about making a Dionisio Point Cowl (intended for Windham Mimi-skeins) with the leftover Hadley yarn?


That would be beautiful! Please make one so we can all see!


I’m going to make another Hawkeye or 2
(disclaimer, it is my pattern)

The i-cord loop at the top is perfect to use with a carabiner - this was designed for a river rafter who wanted just a few stripes.


That will be fabulous!