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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Done! It isn’t blocked, but I am wearing it tonight!


BEAUTIFUL GRAY!!! Love this so much. I have got to get my yoke done–you
just inspired me.


Thanks Ann! I love it! I’ve been wearing it nonstop, but it will soon be
too warm. It’s 39 degrees outside now, so maybe I’ll wear it for my
walk-without my parka. I’ve got several other fair isle yoked sweaters in
my faves that I might now be emboldened to try. BTW, I added an extra
decrease row (k6 k2tog) after finishing the decreases called for, plus 4
more plain rounds, and then skipped the short rows and did the ribbing. It
fits fine.


Finally dry. Will be on tomorrow!


YAAAAAAAAAY! I love the way the colors work. Really, really wonderful to
see it all done—may cold weather continue a while. Congratulations!


Thanks, I’m super happy with the fit, and the stash use. A bit simpler than some others, but it works. No worries about warm weather here for a bit either. I’m glad it will get some use this year!


In the ‘so far behind, she thinks she’s ahead’ category, I have just joined my three tubes. Somehow, the sudden spate of 80 degree days has spurred me on to charge towards the finish of this wooly beast. Or it might be the lure of the March Mayhem patterns that all want to be cast on immediately, and I am trying to use them as a carrot to finish this sweater. The joining of the tubes is rather energizing, though.


I’m at exactly this point, too: tubes joined, must … fight … on …

The March Mayhem patterns are making me so crazy. So many I want to make!


You can do it!! @Ann1, you too.


Now, with two sleeves to compare, I can say unequivocally that for me, the outside floats method leaves a smoother finish.


Man, I suddenly get hit with a nice dose of ‘resolve’, and am gung-ho to finish my Hadley, and what happens? The weather decides to go Full Summer. But I will persevere. And hey, if I just remember to add sunscreen to my knitting bag, I might be OK.


Remember MDK Rule #62: Too hot for handknits? Turn up the AC.


The plan this week was to rock this baby out but the universe had other plans. My friend Sara and her family, my colleague Mindy from the bakery and my beloved former mailman Paul all lost their homes in a horrific fire on Tuesday night. A blizzard and building systems that failed made for a total cluster f*&#. So instead of knitting, I spent the week with some friends gathering clothes and getting shoes on people’s feet. Most people lost everything.

My breath is taken away by the kindness of my community–both locally and globally. Within hours there was cash in hand, gift cards galore, a new ipad for my friends autistic son (it’s important to him), food, wine, and so much love that it was overwhelming. My friends daughter had already bought her prom dress and by Thursday morning she had a gorgeous pair of prom shoes from a friend of mine and there are two fantastic dresses in my car as I type this. Another friend from Eileen Fisher put together bags for Sara and Mindy so they are not simply clothed–they’re stylish and cozy.

I guess my Hadley can wait a while!


Im glad your friends were able to begin the road to recovery. It is so devestating to lose everyhting like that. My daughter and her dh and 3 month old baby, lost everything they owned when hurricane Sandy hit New York. They are fine now but it was a real eye opener.


Love the California poppies! We trekked out to see them last week…gorgeous wildflowers!


Your Hadley looks good too!


It’s February 51 in the neighborhood.
My only worry is that it’s looking suspiciously like a boat-neck sweater right now.
I imagine that a few more rounds of decreasing will fix that. Onward! February is infinite in my little world. Or at least, maybe it can have 60 days.


Outstanding colors. Looking forward to seeing the big yoke.


I love your thinking!


My heart goes out to your friends. Our daughter, her husband, and their son had a fire last summer when a cellphone charger left plugged in on the nightstand ignited bedding in the master bedroom. Fortunately grandson came home from a walk in time to save the pets and call 9-1-1 but the bedrooms and closets were lost and the whole house suffered smoke damage. They’re back home now but it was a harrowing 6 months. Big lesson learned? Unplug your chargers when not in use. Do it! Grandson had just cleaned his room and shoved everything into his closet where it all burned up thereby teaching him the lesson “don’t clean your room.” But then he’s 17 and isn’t inclined to do it anyway.

Our communities of family-knitters-coworkers-neighbors can really step it up when needed. Makes me teary just thinking about it.