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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Thank you for the kind replies about the fire my friends experienced last week. The response of our whole community has been amazing. We are having a community pot luck tonight to get together people who need help and people who want to help. It has been an amazing experience putting this together. My faith in humanity has grown exponentially. I’ve just given myself a few minutes to sit down and take a break between picking up so many generous donations. We even got a dispensation from Cardinal Dolan so that everyone attending the event can eat meat (we have a lot of Catholics coming) because what’s a pot luck without a six foot wedge.


I never wear crewnecks but I love boatnecks! It would be very interesting to see one of these yoke-y designs made as a boatneck.


Blessings on you, Nell! I just got to row 23, and thought I was seeing things. Hooray for a searchable message board that sent me to your response immediately without having to scroll for ages. Back to the wool!


thanks – see photos below for finished sweater. very happy with how it all turned out!


Hello! I finished my Hadley and left it blocking before leaving on a trip. I tried it on after returning and all is well except… the neckline is a little funny. As you can see in the photo, there is a fold across the front top before the turtleneck. And the turtleneck is a little wide and tall. I am contemplating a fix and looking for advice. Remove a few rows from the yoke? Continue the neck to make it a full fold over turtleneck? Anyone else have this issue? Thanks! (And forgive the Saturday morning look)


The last sweater that I knit had that same extra-fabric in the front of the neck issue. I thought it was just a ‘feature’ of the funnel neck shape, but now I’m worried that my hadley is going to be bagging out just a bit. (I just started the short rows in the back) I have no idea how to ‘fix’ something like that, if it’s not actually a feature.
I’ve seen some folks here change up the neckline to make it more of a crew neck, and I’m inclined to go that route, too.
But you’ve made a gorgeous thing there. You look great in it!


You look great in your sweater!!!


I have a similar fold and I am contemplating and likely will be taking out the band and dropping the yoke back past the short rows - I’d begin them a few rounds earlier and add another set. I love the shorter neckband for me, but I like the turtle on you… It’s beautiful and congratulations!


I think I’ll do the same thing. It seems to me that the yoke is simply too deep for me in front. If I tug the sweater down, the fold disappears but reappears with movement. I think I need both a shorter depth yoke and more of a drop of the front with the short rows. So I’ll rip back before the short rows, remove a few complete rounds, do more short rows and then work on the neck.

Robyn’s comment about it being a funnel neck was like a lightbulb for me. Funnel neck tops and sweaters never sit right on me and I constantly fiddle. I think I will continue on to a full foldover turtleneck to see if that stays put a little better. I might add some increases towards the end to help it sit. I like the look of the sweater with a standing neck vs a crew neck.

Thank you for your help!


And with this year’s February having 60 days for me, I finished in PLENTY OF TIME, on February 54th. I’m thinking this is a bit longer than I was expecting, but it doesn’t cling too hard on this old butt. And I went with a much shorter neck, as high funnel necks really aren’t as flattering as I’d like on my neck. Also, itch-factor.

Just checked the weather forecast, and we’re heading in to strong spring weather this week, with highs in the high 60s/low 70s, so I might just be modeling this puppy and then putting it in the closet to wait until fall. But it’s done. Yay, done! Now to get busy on some of those March Mayhem patterns that have been catching my eye.
Thank you for the impetus, my friends.


Wow, that’s really great to see, Robyn! Really beautiful colors, and who
knows–you may have a cold snap. Making me feel like a sluggard–It’ll be
February 123 before I’m done.


Fantastic! It fits you beautifully.


Those colors are perfect on you! It looks lovely!


Fellow knitters - I fear I am THE.WORST Bang Out a Hadley-er. I was going along gangbusters and then I checked my gauge (blast it) and the sweater I was knitting was WAY larger than it needed to be. I started again, at 240 stitches and so far so good. BUT last night, I broke my needle. I felt the join in the circulars catching and then poof! It broke. It was my only Signature needle. Anyway, I am knitting ON…


We’ll be the Last of the Bangers, in the sag wagon, icing our wrists and
having a fine time bringing up the rear.


Well, I will plod on with confidence that I am in excellent company~



Funny, one of my circus (non signature) snapped during the making of this sweater too. Maybe it is a curse?


Getting closer! I ripped back before the short rows, removed a complete round before the last decreases, plus the 2 rounds after the last decrease. Went straight into short rows and added 1 set. Make the t-neck a foldover and used shaping the The Big Y (increases EOR on either side of the center ribs). The t-neck is about 8.25", which is a bit too long. Will rip back an inch and see if that does it.

Still contemplating the sleeves. I lengthened them a little too much to 24" post blocking. I have a good 4" between the last increase and the underarm where I could remove an inch and graft it back together. Seems like a lot of work though :slight_smile:


Wowie! So cool. I am a huge fan of longish sleeves, having longish arms. I
say you’re done!!!


I’m a big fan of the extra-long sleeves, too. Probably comes from all those years growing up where NOTHING was long enough in the sleeve.