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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


I have to admit to a little schadenfreude right now. It’s making me feel a little less alone. I have one sleeve done that might get ripped back and most of the body and the past month has been so insane that I’ve barely touched it.

Yesterday I started trying to get the house back in order–it is truly Chez Chaos right now–can’t find a damn thing. Can’t find the bag with the rest of the Hadley yarn, spent two days looking for my phone (it was in the laundry) and I still can’t figure out what happened to all my bras. The only one that I can put my hands on right now is the one that both underwires went rogue on at a fundraiser last week. One of them is still in my purse and the other one is somewhere in my car.

I know where the laundry is because it is everywhere and I know where the wine and all the condiments are because they are in the fridge. Otherwise, its anyone’s guess.

Hopefully I will be back on track soon.


I agree! I typically knit my sleeves too long because I can.

I removed an inch from the turtleneck and it’s perfect. I’m re-blocking it, then will post a final pic.


Hang in there kjt1211. I too have a bra or 2 with rogue underwires - hate-hate-hate it! But I hate being poked even more so I am going to have to interrupt my knitting to do some tacking with a sewing needle and thread to avoid the perforated upper-arm scenario. I also have laundry all over. Gotta interrupt the knitting for that too - no fun.


I refuse to wear underwires anymore. ditch em.


What a great fit! And I LOVE the turtleneck on you!


Beautiful colors! Looks great!


Thank you. I love it!


hang in there, friend. finding things is overrated, really. just a holdover for when they are mislaid again. no worries.


I gave up underwires when I discovered that Lane Bryant carries a no-underwire bra that does the job without the danger of underarm piercing. No sizes smaller than 36 but someone else has to have something similar for those needing something smaller.


Yup I buy those too. But they still are the first thing off when I am home!


Don’t feel bad; my Hadley was finished, washed and blocked when I discovered that the waist shaping was now about two inches too low - i.e. at the widest point of my belly. So I cut it, put the live stitches top and bottom on needles, and am now working up the courage to try grafting them together. Fingers crossed!


Ok, final picture. I did rip back 1 inch on the turtleneck and it’s just right. More pics on my Ravelry page, including the back neck increases. It’s cold here today, so I’m snuggled up in it. Thanks for all the encouragement!


That is just beautiful! I wore mine all day yesterday and again this am. Crazy spring weather…


Finished mine yesterday. Had to rework bind-off on neck and weave a couple of ends. Wearing it today despite the 72 degrees here in Northern Illinois. Love the length of body and sleeves. Super happy to have finally made a sweater, with all it’s imperfections, that I will LOVE wearing. Can’t wait to make another. If I can figure out how, I’ll post a picture!


I’ve finished my Hadley and there’s no way I’m going back into it, but I have the very same issue with the “fold” across the front - just above the colorwork. Not sure what the culprit is here. Did your mods of shortrows/foldover turtleneck solve this issue? If so - I’ll make a note for future hadley’s. Yours looks fabulous BTW.


Yes, my modifications fixed the “fold.” I basically shortened the rise of the yoke (removing rounds) and added to the back rise (more short rows). This has the effect of shortening the front of the yoke where the fold occurred. I also turned the funnel neck into a turtleneck, which added more neck structure. I assume this all has to do with how you’re built. I have very square shoulders (not sloped) and not a big chest, which I think just led to an excess of fabric.

I am very happy with the finished product now. If the fold bugs you, I’d encourage you to take another whack at it. It didn’t take long to change.


Still Banging on my Hadley. I think I remember reading somewhere that if one doesn’t knit on something it doesn’t get done. Currently working on #2 Helical strips mitt.



Looking at photos on Rav, it’ looks like the “fold” was a common issue. It
doesn’t bother me enough to redo this one, but I want to correct it for

Thanks for your help!


Hang in there. …
Annie says “the sun will come out tomorrow !”


The weather is suddenly turning cold here - it was almost 70 today, but tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the low 40s. I suddenly have a need to finish up my languishing Hadley (even though it means setting aside the baby blanket I’m working on for my brand new great-niece). Anyway - just announcing it here, in case any other laggards want to join me. I’m in the last row of the yoke colorwork, so I figure I’m almost there!