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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


I’m laggarding too! I’m up to the yoke, so I need to GET WITH IT. I do love
this Brooklyn Tweed Shelter–is there a tweedier yarn? I think not!


I’ve worn my Hadley already this season (and not at Rhinebeck although it was at the ready in case of plummeting temps!) You will be so happy to wear yours too. -encouragment-


Sorting through wip’s and stash rearranging yesterday and found my half finished Hadley. Glad I’m not the only one, count me in with the laggards. We had a hard frost yesterday at 27 degrees, must get busy!


Finished knitting this afternoon, on my day off! It took 3 attempts to get the neck to work. First I knit as instructed, binding off in red, to match the red edges of my cuffs. I wasn’t particularly surprised to find that the combination of short-ish neck and well-developed jowls didn’t really work with that neckline. So I ripped back about to about 3 inches and added a red rolled edge. That was even worse! The third time, I ripped back to about an inch and a half and added the rolled edge, and I like it! I’ll try to take a pre-blocking photo tomorrow when the light will be better.


Nice! I’m wearing mine today, it is COLD outside.
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It still needs a soaking, but I’m so happy with it! And I finished it in 2017!

I made a few modifications: I started with a rolled hem before the ribbing (I think this was Kay’s suggestion) and ended with a shorter neck topped with a rolled collar on Camper. And I cast on the cuffs in Camper, too.


I just unpacked the LuLu Lemon Bag with my partially completed Hadley in it. I started with such enthusiasm and lost it when I didn’t have the right needles to comfortably knit the sleeves. Guess i could correct that pretty quickly as I now spend part of many days a week in a yarn shop. Hmm. Will do the sleeves and then the rest should be a breeze. Of course, I have two other sweaters on needles right now and promised myself that I would finish them before doing anything else. Ha! And then I crocheted some leaves and an acorn.


thanks for the advice and thank you for coming back with the photo update! it look amazing.

would be interested in seeing them.


It has taken 9 months but I finally finished my Hadley! I had put it down over the summer. I knitted it for my 16 year old daughter. I looks great on her, especially after I wet blocked it! I used Ecological Wool (100% Undyed Peruvian Highland Wool) for the base color and Cestari 2 ply worsted weight 100% Fine Merino Wool kettle dyed in four different colors for the yoke. Here is a photo:


I adore the colors you chose. Well done.


Thank you Robyn. It was a fun project.


Well, after FOREVER, I finally finished!! It turned out more of a tunic length because I wrote down the wrong length, so the waist shaping is off, but that’s ok. So happy with my first Fair Isle! It’s just too bad I live in TX and have to wait a while to wear it…


That’s tremendous! I still have a bit of yoke to go on mine—you’re inspiring me.

Just crank up the AC and you can wear it all day!


Wow, that looks perfect on you! Come to Massachusetts quick before we stop having snow every two or three days!


Hailing here in Plymouth right now, where are you?


I’m in central MA, and we had just a dusting this morning. Now the sun is shining and I have a window open. Just a half-inch, but it’s open!