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Bang Out a Hadley: No Wool


I would really like some options on fibers I could use for this sweater that would hold shape, is economical, and won’t make me scratch the top layer of my skin off. Not that I’m asking for much :slight_smile:


Have you tried cotton blends? My husband hates wool so I’ve used those for him.


That is what I was thinking, I just wondered if anyone had favorite brands.


I was going to recommend Rowan All Seasons Cotton, but it seems to be discontinued. Boo. list here none of which I’ve used…


I’ve been looking at Berroco modern cotton (a bit spendy) and Valley Yarns goshen.

Does anyone here have any experience with those?


I am knitting a sweater in Berroco Remix right now. It is sort of tweedy, wool-free, and has a lot of nylon in it. The color I am using looks just like wool but I don’t know if they all do. It’s 4.5 sts per inch and comes in lots of colors. Look around on the internet and you can find it at a decent price, MSRP could be lower. Have you tried KnitPicks Comfy? I am wearing a sweater in Berroco Weekend but I think it’s a little thick for Hadley. It is on sale at LIttleKnits for not too much, and they also have it in DK.


That is a nice looking yarn! I ended up choosing the berroco, and I will keep the one you recommended in mind for the next time! Thank you


I’ve used remix too. Looks like jeans.


Hope it works out for you. I have a mild wool allergy, only on my neck, and even there I can wear the kind of soft wool meant for shawls, but it wears out quickly. I have had bad experiences with hand knits wearing out. Luckily, there are a lot of cotton blends out there, so far they have worn reasonably well, and they don’t make my neck break out in a painful rash.


Brown Sheep has a wonderful blend and it’s well priced


How about Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep? It is a blend of wool and cotton and not scratchy. Berroco Vintage is a blend of fibers and was very affordable .


Oops, I’m doing all wool… I think. Just arrived so starting swatches today!


OMG. I’ve never heard of! Thanks for the resource!


Good luck! I’ve never been able to knit a sweater from cotton successfully. :unamused: