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Bang Out a Revolution


When the calendar flips to February 1, 2019, the shortest month of the year will become the FUNNEST month of the year as we all Bang Out a Revolution—the knitalong where we start and finish a sweater in 28 days.

This year, we look to the legendary Norah Gaughan for the designs we will knit. Her patterns in our new MDK Field Guide No. 9: Revolution and her new collection, Interchange (ability), give us all sorts of possibilities for cabled yokes and garment shapes.

We’re already dreaming up combinations—we invite you to share your thinking here about your choices for yarns, patterns, yokes, and whatever else on your mind.


I bought the pattern for Swirl Topper the minute I saw it. It is beautiful! I plan to knit the sleeves 3/4 length. I am exploring various Aran weight yarns and I would love suggestions. I haven’t ruled out the recommended yarn, Jill Draper Makes Stuff - Mini Empire - but I like options. Any ideas? So fun!


I ordered Field Guide #9 and am looking forward to Bang Out a cardigan. I think this year is the year of cardigans for me. And to be able to interchange those designs will be fun to make!


I’m in! Elaine cables on the cardi in Cadet (navy) Periwinkle. Not sure where the sleeve-spirit will move me. I’m not usually a cap-sleeve type, but I like the idea of a denim long-sleeve shirt under this garment.


The short sleeves with long sleeves underneath? That’s just a whole new world for me. Think of all my long sleeves that never get the sunshine. There’s just a lot of possibility.


Just love Field Guide 9! The short sleeve cardi for me.


Good choice! I’m thinking of that one, too, but I may make it long sleeve. I run cold but if I make it with a Tubular Bind Off, it’ll be stretchy enough for me to move the sleeves out of the way if I need it to.


I adore that one (short sleeve cardi in ice blue). But I have jelly arms, and I suspect those short cap sleeves wouldn’t do me any favors. What do y’all think about simply making them longer? (as opposed to figuring out a different sleeve.) It’s been a long time since I’ve made myself a sweater, but this one sings to me!


I’m so jumping in to this Bang Out and I love this cardi, too. I think that you can use the pullover sleeve directions to elongate and cover…


I adore that one too but I honestly would prefer long or 3/4 sleeves. I’m not an expert knitter at all and have never made a sweater so I have NO idea how to alter the sleeves so I’m waiting for one of you clever ladies to tell me how!:smile:.
I lve in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa and February is our hottest month of the year so I’ll be knitting in the aircon😅


Hello! Currently crushing on Ladybug in Lichen and Lace worsted, colour way Pressed flowers :two_hearts:


I’m equally obsessing over the Baroque and Ladybug cables from Interchange (Ability): maybe applied to the Liberty Tree Pullover shape? So many delightful things to ponder!


I’m trying not to purchase yarn right now as I have a lot of SQ. I’m thinking either Verdande by spirittrailfiberworks (I think technically worsted weight) or sundara aran merino. I like my Verdande color better for cables. They are two of my favorite yarns.


What do y’all suggest for an advanced beginner? I’ve never tried a sweater.


I’m making mine with long sleeves but past the elbow length would look very good, too!


I know, I need to do some research on potentially long sleeves


Do you have Barbara G. Walker’s Knitting From The Top? That’s a basic recipe book on how to knit top down sweaters at whatever gauge and whatever patterns you want to add to the recipe, and you can then calculate what the decreases would be from shoulder to wrist. Here’s a link from Amazon:

I’ve used and continue to use this book when I want to add new things to a sweater or just knit up one with my own designs. It’s really helpful.

Good luck!


Thank you. I do have that book from a long time ago. I have not looked at it in a while. Will have to bring it out for the KAL


One of the amazing things about Norah’s designs in Revolution is that it’s a little like choose your own adventure. You can begin with any of the 3 yokes (flat or in the round) and complete the body of your choice. Everything is the same gauge. Brilliant.


Planning to join! The last sweater I tried is sitting in a bag with no sleeves and no button placket… so I’m going with the short sleeved cardigan. I’ve got a stash of S&C Sweater that might be lovely for It! Can someone tell me - do I buy the Interchangeable pattern and then another pattern, or one or the other? I’m a little confused.