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Bang Out a Revolution


Sounds like you will want to use the Swirl chart following the cardigan pattern from the MDK revolution Field guide. Then you 'll just extend the sleeves a bit.

You can either buy the Swirl pattern for the chart or Interchange, which has the 4 charts (Swirl, Ladybug, baroque and Rope&Braid) + a guide to changing sleeves etc. You won’t have to do the Interchange worksheet, since the work has already been done for you in the Field guide.

Did I make that sound more complicated than is is?


Long tail is fine! That’s what here.


I’m using the Elaine’s Capelet cable to knit a cropped version of the Liberty Tree Pullover. My bust measures 43" and i like a bit of ease, so I’ll be making the 4th size in the parens. My yarn is Julie Asselin Hektos in Sherwood. It’s a gorgeous green with an undercurrent of rust and is SUCH a pleasure to knit. My st st gauge is perfect on a 6. I am so excited to get get going!! Oh, and my plan is to extend the cable down the front. I’ll be adding a few extra sts in the front after the short rows to make up for how the cable pulls in - more about that when i am there.


Ready to cast on! I’m planning on plugging the Elaine chart in the Liberty Tree Pullover pattern. Yarn is The Plucky Knitter’s Sweater in Tomato Jam.


In fact, you’ve made it sound easier than I was making it out to be, which is delightful. I’ve got Interchange and the Field Guide, but was feeling intimidated. I feel much less so now. :slight_smile: Thank you!


I’m on row 35 of the yoke, I used a knit on cast on, and I like the way the edge looks as it- not so sure I will want to finish it with rib around the neck. If anyone does, please send close up photos -



Almost ready!! No 12:01am for me though… day job expects me in early. :frowning: Hoping to start around 5pm tomorrow!


So good! What time zone are you?


I’m in the eastern time zone - it’s going to be sooooo cold here in New Hampshire the next couple days, so perfect for sitting next to the fire knitting. :slight_smile:


Well, good luck starting to all of you knitters who are either night owls (as I am by nature) or folks who do not have to wake up in the pitch dark of early morning for cruddy commutes (as I am in work life). I’ll hope to join you tomorrow, but certainly by Saturday.


Hello! I am new-ish here and am excited to join in for this KAL. It’s super fun to see everyone’s choices and process. I’m moving this month and so I imagine it will be kind of crazy and also I might not finish until February 45th, or, knowing how I knit sweaters usually, Febrary 28th of 2020. :smile: I’m doing the swirl topper chart, pullover with ribbed hem and neckline, and sleeves, err, still undecided on sleeves…


Moonlight madness! So glad you’re here—can’t wait to see what you Bang Out. I’m leaving the sleeves for later too—I’m talking a big game about long sleeves, but … time will tell …

Good luck with your move—no better procrastination than a sweater on a deadline…


I couldn’t sleep. Cast on at 3:30a Central Time. Hopefully I won’t be frogging when I’m awake for reals!


Glad I tried a cable swatch - thinking I might do swirl instead of calligraphy cable - had to pay attention so hard to pull off calligraphy well; I just don’t have that kind of brain span with Riesling in my hand! Going to cast on later today with malabrigo Rios in whole grain and hope for the best! Might need some extra days this month!


I jumped the gun too! I got to round 8 of the yoke and basically fell asleep, needles in hand, Pro tip: avoid operating cables yoke pattern while using DayQuil.


I’m started on my Rope & Braid. Yarn is Berocco Ultra Wool in dark grey - not easy to photograph!


I have a two hour delay here in PA. Casted on and I’m only at row 9 on the calligraphy cardigan. I’ve decided to do a quarter button up. Not quite a cardi, but not a full pullover in short sleeve.


Early morning beginnings
Provisional cast on with what was next to my cozy bed, Hektos in London and Calligraphy in the round.


Cool variation! Will be curious to see how you construct this.

Good luck with your delay–I find that knitting takes the sting out of a long sit at an airport.