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Bang Out a Revolution


I’m super excited to start a sweater, this will be my first time. I’m being a little overzealous and making a sweater for my husband! Now if Fedex can get it together and get me my yarn today!


Meryton on the needles today in a gorgeous 26 micron Austrailian wool in a beautiful Merlot Red. will post picture of yarn later.


I hadn’t joined or even bought the Field Guide because I have a WIP and a real plan for the next one but I had such fun last year with the Carbeth that I was feeling left out. Sooo, to my dismay on February 1st, I downloaded the Guide and here I am thinking of the cardigan with long sleeves and the Elaine cables in a merino cotton blend. OH MY!


Here’s the yarn I’m going to use for the Meryton

absolutely soft as butter.


Looks like the short sleeve cardi is a DK weight, isn’t it?


O.K., you may have just blown my mind - have you pinched up the cable to allow for a shorter beginning circumference, thus allowing you to continue knitting with the longer cable as the circumference increases?


I finished the Ironworks Beret for a warm up for the Calligraphy Cardigan. So excited for this February adventure.


Oh, that’s correct and true. All sweaters are knit at the same gauge though which makes the patterns interchangeable. The DK would make a lighter and looser fabric more suitable for the sleeveless style.


Well done! That color is So Good.


Had to start early- out sick all week so gotta knit! Calligraphy question already- finished yoke at row 47. That’s a right side row. but then “shape back neck” starts with a RS row. What happens in between?


Hmm. It says to continue in St st, so I’d just purl back then begin the short rows.


I did start a few days early. I decided to allow my “not following the instructions to knit through the back loop after the yarn over” to be a design element.


It’s like half a magic loop. And thanks for making my day. xo


I’m also home sick and so excited to get to put in a bit of extra knitting time! Almost halfway through the Baroque chart. I’m using 5mm needles and Machete Shoppe Worsted in Slate, which makes it a lovely fast knit - I love that the Interchange worksheet is adjustable to different gauges. I’m repurposing the yarn from a previous sweater that I’d made the body of and was unhappy with.


I’m on row 10 of a Caligraphy pullover and decided I needed a cookie break. Also switched to Malabrigo Rios from Modern Cotton because I love how soft Malibrigo is after washing.


Only 5 rows in on my Calligraphy Cardi and I am so loving the Julie Asselin Hektos yarn. It is delightfully squishy and my hands are loving it!


Thanks I’m going with that.


Hi, I am new here and fairly new to knitting but decided to be brave and try my first sweater, Yikes! I am going with the Liberty Tree. I haven’t decided on the yarn yet but that is one of my missions for the day.:thinking: I will probably just hang in the background, quietly thumping along, but am hopeful that I will find good advice and fellowship along the way. Talley ho!


So, it’s looking as though I may not get a chance to cast on until tomorrow… :sob: However, I do have a question about converting calligraphy from flat to In the round: it says to cast on stitches to equal to multiple of 14, + 1. I believe I don’t need the +1 to do this pattern in the round? I think the ‘+1’ is for that initial purl stitch at the beginning of each row for the cardigan version which is not needed for a pullover version, but if someone can correct me if I’m wrong, I would appreciate it! Good knitting, everyone!!


You are correct. Multiples of 14 and omit the edge stitch on the chart!