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Bang Out a Revolution


I love that colorway. What is it???


It’s Malabrigo Rios yarn in Whole Grain. It’s a really interesting color. Lots of depth and nuance. Loving it.


Just got home about an hour and a half ago, but am casting on! I’m kind of cheating—instead of a sweater, I’m knitting Elaine’s Capelet with Rope & Braid cables. I may do some sort of higher collar, but I’ll make that decision later. The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Geranio, which has been in my stash forever.


Thank you. It looks beautiful.


Ok. I cast on tonight. Too tired to go very far, but at least I started. Swirl topper. At the moment I’m planning long sleeves. Yarn is Verdande from spirit trail fiberworks. Club color from 2014. One of my all time favorite yarns—merino,cashmere, silk blend. Happy knitting


That’s the same blend as my Hektos👍 I luv that yarn!!


my KAL begins this morning at the Peefect Blend in Saugerties! I like to be ahead of my group to u derstand the pattern! I will cast on the arms today! :heart:Ropes and Braids! I’m using Kelbournes Scout! Using a size 6!


Planning ahead, I’m nearly ready for the second skein of yarn which I’ll alternate in over the next 8 rounds new, old 4x then only new. I weigh my yarn to see how many grams a round uses as a guideline for when to begin this.
Also when I divide for the sleeves I will begin a new ball in the same way and save the remaining second ball to divide between the sleeve pick up to ease in that next yarn.
Hektos is very consistent, but is (beautifully!) hand dyed and could, at some join, leave a horizontal line otherwise.


It’s kinda nice seeing pics from those of us who jumped ahead- now I know what I have to look forward to:)! I started yesterday evening after work and getting to a stopping point on another project. Did a gauge swatch and to my amazement got gauge! Who knew?! Started the Calligraphy Cardi and got to R6 of the yoke pattern. Ran into some confusion and figured I’d hold off til the cold light of day- wine + knitting= time to stop. More pics later:)!


Ready for row 7 on the Calligraphy Cardigan.


I don’t know hektos. Will have to explore


Such a lovely color!


I’ve been swatching with the Periwinkle Sheep Merino DK- I’ve swatched with US 7, US 6, and US 5. Even with US 5, I am still getting 22 stitches over 4 inches. Have soaked and blocked all swatches. Really worried about dropping down to a US 4 - anyone else having to go down in needle size this far? Making the Calligraphy Cardigan. This is my first YAL - but not my first sweater :slight_smile:


Hektos by Julie Asselin is the yarn used in Elaine’s Capelet in Field Guide No. 9. Beautiful yarn😍


Is this the version with the curved hemline? Love it. You’re smart to be ahead of your knitalong group.

Happy Saturday! I’m on Round 11 of my Elaine’s cable pullover using Periwinkle Sheep Merino DK in Olive. I will confess that Round 10 nearly did me in! Too late last night to be working an irregular cable pattern! Feeling fresh as a daisy this morning–can’t wait to get back at it.


If you’re getting 22 stitches to 4" you need to go up in needle size to achieve 20.
Try an 8?


Thank you for the quick reply - but I should have typed 18 - not 22. I’m still getting 18 on size US5, so sorry for my confusion.


I’m using US 3 to get 5 spi with a worsted weight. #looselady


Thank you!! I’ll swatch on!


Cast on Calligraphy. Ready to play.