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Bang Out a Revolution


I’ve swatched for Calligraphy Cardigan with the periwinkle sheep yarn and was at gauge. I didn’t swatch making the cables. Should I make a swatch using the cables? Thank you in advance😍


I cast on for the Calligraphy yesterday and got the first four rows done before errands and chores took over. I have a full free day today and am looking forward to continuing on in the lovely buttery yellow Lano Gatto DK. I liked the fabric I got on size 6 needles 22st/4inches, 30 rows so did the math and am knitting the 45.5 size to get me a 41.4 size.


The only gauge listed is for Stockinette. Perhaps, if the cable stitches are new to you, you may wish to practice them beforehand?


Yeah I’ve always read about these bang out a sweater activities and I’ve never actually done it. This year I am definitely in. Decided to do the liberty tree pull over in the cotton wool yarn.


I’ve just cast on for my Swirligraphy cardigan. I decided to use Buachaille because I have some and I’ve heard it’s lovely for cables. I’ve mostly grasped the changes I need to make to my thinking/the charts, but I’ve got one question. The original Swirl Topper chart is in-the-round, but the cardigan is worked flat. When I’m reimaging the Swirl chart, am I right to imagine all those purl stitches in the chart as knits? As my mind currently has things pictured, those will come to be the garter stitch sections between the vines, which would suggest I should knit them on both front and back…


I have finally decided to take the plunge and knit a sweater! I have knit cables it the past so I’m most worried about gauge/fit. I have chosen a yarn from my stash and have a total of 840yds, so I definitely do not have enough for long sleeves. I really like the calligraphy pattern, but don’t want a cardigan (trying to keep it as simple as possible), so I’m looking at the interchange pack and the short sleeve sweater.

I enjoy a bit of a challenge, but endless frustration isn’t what I’m looking for :slight_smile:. Do you think getting the interchange pack and working through the worksheets will be too difficult for making a first sweater??


I knit my first sweater about a year and a half ago so I still consider myself a newbie. Working the calligraphy pattern for a pullover, and I’m loving it. I did a swatch in the round first, which was so helpful for me to work through a couple steps that are slightly different when going from flat to in the round, and as I haven’t done much cabling before this. I cast on this morning and feel very confident with the pattern because of the swatch I did. The pattern is very understandable. You can absolutely do it and you will learn alot knitting your first sweater!


Are you doing a long sleeve sweater or short sleeve? I’m not sure how to properly calculate how much yarn I’d need for shorter sleeves and am paranoid about running out!


Yes, you need to swap the knits and purls on the wrong side rows.


If anything you may use slightly less yarn in the pullover, less purling and no button bands, but that is just a suspicion. Do you have enough for the cardigan?


@Ann1 had posted a comment in this thread about yardage for sleeves, I can’t find it now:(
Something like 1/3 less for short sleeves. Maybe you can scroll back and find that post?!


I appreciate this verification. Thank you!


I started the swirl yesterday!!! The math was fun and Norah Gaughan answered my email question in no time! How cool is that?!


And in addition, you’ll want to add selvedge stitches for the band pick-up!


You’re the best! That was the other question I had! Thank you!


I’m looking at the chart now and think that 2 extra stitches are needed - one at each end, (and I’d knit on the rs, purl on the ws). LMK if you run into other questions with this mod.


Thank you. That’s exactly what I was thinking and I sincerely appreciate the confirmation.


I sat out the two years after banging out a stopover, but since I’ve been a fan of Norah since an early pattern (1988 or 9) in Vogue Knitting, I’m in for this one. I thought I’d make the Sideways Pullover from The Cable Sourcebook, but I fell for Calligraphy as soon as I got the Field guide.

Kay, your plan to use Rowan Denim spoke to me, but I have way more of the now rare denim than would be needed, so I’ll save it for a bigger sweater with more cables.

I went stash diving, and found some Jo Sharp DK that swatched perfectly, somthats what I’ll use.
I have to confess that digging into my stash got me a little down: confronting all the planned sweaters that never got to the execution stage was a little sad. That’s part of why I didn’t make it to VKLive this year. Too much stimulation!

I also have been busy knitting for a baby - but more on that when Spring comes.

Happy to be on the bang-out-carousel with all of you.


Oh, and I’m planning on three quarter sleeves.


I cast on yesterday for Dickson, my sweater without sleeves!
I am using (stash) Berroco Ultra Alpaca, as called for in the pattern - the color, Gneiss, is a very pretty grey/green which doesn’t look anything like the photo!
Over the last two weeks I’ve swatched extensively with Ultra Alpaca, experimented with cables, poured over Raverly projects and made my decisions about size, waistband, length etc. I feel ready and am quite excited about this project.
Now I’m pushing through the initial ribbing section, so anxious to get to the cables!!