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Bang Out a Revolution


That is a beautiful pattern! Can’t wait to see it finished!!


I am knitting the Liberty Tree Pullover using Rowan Denim Cotton. My washed swatch really popped the cables.


Oooo, that’s gonna be fabulous :heart_eyes:


Would be an awesome field trip! I was there once about 30 years ago, I remember the rock :wink:


Come on up!


I think it was that sleeves are about 1/3 more than sleeveless.


Oooo yeah!! That makes sense :slight_smile:


I had plans to make the Pumpkin Ale sweater by Ysolda Teague & scored the Mad Tosh vintage in brass for Christmas. So I’m knitting along sans the actual KAL?


Me too, living in New Orleans. I just found this whole shebang and now I have decided to be insane and try to bang out one of these in fingering weight yarn, cardigan style. Just gotta do some math so the cables can be mulyiplied to make up for more stitches.


Cabling with or without a cable needle? I started cabling without a needle a few years ago and it changed my knitting life! But, I suspect the ease of it depends on yarn weight and composition. I haven’t experienced any problems with worsted weight or heavier wools. Thoughts?


I use a don as a cable needle. It just makes me feel safer than no needle.


I’m excited to Bang Out a Revolution with my FIRST sweater! I’ll be knitting the Liberty Tree Pullover with the cable pattern from Elaine’s Caplet - because it looks easier. I’ll be using Julie Asselin’s Hektos in Sherwood. And it looks like @Norahgn is doing the same thing – but cropped! Time to make a swatch… Stay tuned, I’ll have questions!!


I didn’t even realize this was possible and now my knitting life is changed after watching a quick YouTube video on the topic! Thanks!


Joining the MDK Bang Out A Sweater Challange.

Late to the party starting this, as I had brain surgery last week & am now on a month of rest/recovery. Going to see how it goes, rest/recovery comes first, so not sure how far I’ll get as I tire very easily right now. This will give me something to break up my days of recovery, which consist of naps, slow laps around the house & more naps. I’ll be working with what I have on hand… Miette by Andi Satterlund in Miss Babs Yowza

So far … I have one ball wound & my pattern marked up :slight_smile:


I got it cast on yesterday evening and 2 1/2 rows of the ribbing done last night Whoo Hoo! Now to ask the question What do you do when it says "No Stitch:? Do you slip that stitch, just knit it or what?


It’s literally no stitch (yet) so do nothing for that square, just continue to the next square.


This is def. sparking joy.


Nellknits thanks a bunch.


I hope it works out for you - I always found the cable needle fiddly, but I’m sure cabling without is fiddly for some. So nice to have options, though!


It’s saving me a lot of fiddling around & therefore, time! Love it so far!