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Bang Out a Revolution


So tempting! That I’ve had the pattern for that skirt for years – I think I bought the booklet for that pattern. But I want the skirt to be dark, so the stash says do a sweater… I’ll be with you in spirit though. Also I think it will be easier thank a sweater! (says the non-sweater knitter). But… I’m not sure if you will technically be in the Knit-a-long, in case you care about prizes…???


I love Mystic Purple! Perfect!!


I cast on yesterday for calligraphy with malibrigo Rios in cian. I’m up to Row 23. See many so far along. But feel I’m on track. I added two edge stitches to make picking up bands a little easier. Kind of wish I had purled one row before starting chart to make neck band pickup easier but knitting on. Got gauge in stockinette.


Hi! This is my first knitalong and I’m excited to join. Though I am worried because I calculated that I need to at least finish 1.5 inches/day to finish on time, and I’m already behind…

I have started the Calligraphy cardigan with some slightly fuzzy dark green yarn from my stash. Going to add long sleeves for the cooler weather here in the PNW.

I have learned one new thing already - how to pick up a dropped “knit-in-back of a yarn-over” stitch. I’ve dropped two of those! I don’t know if I’m doing it correctly, but I just add various twists when I’m picking it back up and there are no visible holes, so I guess it worked.

It’s a rare snow day here in Seattle today - perfect for banging on a knitting project (or “proj” as my rock climber daughter says):


My LYS is participating, so we started a week ahead of time choosing patterns & yarn. I must have spent two hours deciding on yarn & finally landed on Kelbourne’s Andorra in Dove Grey. Made a few adaptations on suggestions from my friend and group leader. I’m making Calligraphy with long sleeves, leaving the button band off the yoke (henley style), and knitting the button band as I go (since I hate picking up stitches😄). Decided to make the button band with 5 alternating rows of stockinette and reverse stockinette. Just starting the hip shaping; so far, so good. Love this yarn!


Beautiful color!


Any advice on the short rows on the cardigan?


Just finished the yoke pattern. Pretty happy with it so far. I hope I can keep up the momentum through the hours and hours of


You can do it! xoCristina


You can’t believe how easy it is once you get a visual aid! I used these still pics with instructions by Tin Can Knits:

But if you prefer video, here’s one from Laura Nelkin:


Gorgeous, Nell!


I’m also doing the calligraphy cardigan thanks for your picture which reminds me to mark each individual cable segment😍


So tempted by the cap-sleeviness of this WIP’s current state (Calligraphy Cardigan with Elaine’s Capelet cables in Periwinkle Merino DK Cadet). There’s plenty of body knitting left to reconsider my plan to knit 3/4 or full sleeves.


Thank you so much. You are correct. It is easy! Have a good day.


Love your color! I’m at exactly the same place with my Calligraphy and when I put it on the hanger I had the same reaction😄. I think I really want the long sleeves, but the cap sleeves are so tempting. I did see a long sleeved project on Ravelry that included cables at the end of the sleeve. That’s tempting, too! Good thing that part’s still a ways off😄


image This is the sleeve adaptation I mentioned. (Hope the picture comes through!)!


Some dodohead let her Scottish ancestry work its cheap gene and not pay for express shipping to get her yarn here sooner. So, said dodohead gets to start her Banger 4 days late! No time for anymore chit-chat. I’ve gotta cast on NOW!! :wink:


That’s brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing. c.


Brilliant! Gorgeous! Makes me think about whether Elaine’s cables could make an amazing sleeve cuff.


I love seeing all the colors people have chosen! I’m trying to expand the color range in my wardrobe - right now it is mainly black and white with grey as an accent color.