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Bang Out a Revolution


Now at a few inches of underarm.


I’ve been knitting along but staying quiet. I had done my gauge sample and I’m using some Cascade 220 from stash on #8 to get gauge - prefer smaller needles but it should be WARM!! I usually knit conservative colored sweaters so this coral/pink is way out of my normal box. Doing the Liberty Tree sweater and on row 25 of cables. Will post a picture tonight. Looking forward to this KAL!


Here’s Andorra Cloud Gray


I want to do this. Hope I can figure out how to do it.


This looks fabulous. I love that yarn, are you getting 5 stitches to the inch or did you adjust and knit at the recommended gauge?


Just finished row 25 of the yoke. I manage a row or two between naps. The motor skills are still slow, so there is frogging back but I’m ok with that. It’s all helping with recovery.


Here’s the link to cdncarol’s post on Ravelry. She pretty much explains how she did it. I expect I can get help here in “The Lounge” if I have trouble with it. We can figure it out together!:nerd_face:


I fiddled around with the gauge for a while. I really liked the tighter fabric with the needles recommended for the yarn (2-4) but I got gauge with 7s and I’m happy with that. Tried it on today & I love the way it feels!


EMZ, thank you for the link. That is very helpful.


Thanks, this is great to know.


Short row shaping completed.


Love this color!!!


This is beautiful! I love that color!


I have begun my Elaine Capelet for the third time. I think I’m not banging out but tapping out this KAL! I’m now on row 2 of the chart. It reads differently from the written instructions to me. Am I missing something?


This is awesome, I’ve been wondering how I might add more cable details someplace so I have incentive to power through all the Stockinette! I’m making the something close to the longer pullover with baroque cable from the Interchange workbook.


Happy Birthday!!


Let’s hope that the third time is the charm! Where are you noticing a difference? I’d love to help…


I finished my yoke but I’m confused on the short rows. I know how to do them, but can’t figure out where to do them. Do they end up being on the front or the back of the sweater? I’m doing the elliptical pullover in the interchange pattern booklet. Thanks everyone!


I’m n the 10th round of the body. Need to go to bed. Loving these cables and the yarn.


You begin at what will be the center back and are creating a wedge of fabric across your shoulders that raises the back neck.
From the center back you’ll knit across 2 cable sections, turn, DS, then purl across to 2 cable sections beyond the center back, turn, DS.
Now you’re ready to work Short Row 3.