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Bang Out a Revolution


I ended up doing some side shaping rather than my planned slight a-line. This yarn is so perfect…

ETA - one of my part-time jobs is to sit in a little office, ready to answer the phone and help anyone who comes in. Today it’s been one call and no people. So I knit and knit and knit.


I love this color so much. It’s turning out beautiful!


Just finished short row section. Ready to increase. I guess I measure the length from back of neckline to determine if ready for dividing. I’m almost already at the 10” specified for my size.


The measurement is taken from the cast on edge of the center back.
Congratulations, it’s beautiful!


Fun to see a Swirl yoke! My Swirl knitting has slowed to a crawl this week, but I’ll be powering through on the weekend. Love that color!


Thanks. Glad to have that verified.
I’ve worked the increase row and purled back and I’m right at 10”.
Does the division for sleeves happen that quickly after increasing or should I work some more rows??
I just love this pattern and can see making others in this collection.


Oh, I’d divide at 10 inches! It’s a great to have so many combination potentials.


Sure appreciate the quick replies.
My goal was to get to divide for sleeves the first week and I’m ahead of target!! Yeah!! Beginning to think I might actually finish by end of month.


Finished row 42. i’ve somehow gained 3 extra stitches & my gauge is way off. I’ve gained stitches in gauge as i’ve added rows… I’m knitting tighter than looser than tighter every few rows… it’s just not right. Still working on the brain/hand coordination which could explain it.

Ripping it all out & starting over. Luckily yarn is patient & kind. I will get this. Slow & steady and remembering rest & recovery come first.


The fabric is just beautiful. Hopefully all will click soon, I admire your tenacity. xo


I’m only 3 rows away from finishing the yoke for my Elaine’s Capelet/Liberty Pullover mash-up and I’ve been pondering adding the 2x2 ribbing from the capelet before starting the short rows. I love how it looks on the capelet but I’m not sure how it will effect the overall shape. Any suggestions?


Just my thought, but if it were me-and this is the same mashup I’m doing-I would skip the ribbing.


Very pretty. Love the depth the combination of heathered grey & cables give.


Wow… that colour is gorgeous!! It going to be a beautiful sweater


Your sweater is going to be beautiful. Hang in there :blush:


Thank you. I just love the color


Beautiful! I plan to uses Rowan Denim as well. Curious if you are adding 15% length to the arm hole length? I have never knitted with cotton before.


Thanks, Nell! On the chart, I am reading row 2 … oops… I was going to say left to right but I’m knitting in the round!!! No wonder I’m befuddled!! I guess I had to write it to see it! Onward!


Hooray! I was hoping it would be a straightforward answer!


Just started mine for the third time. I just need to remember that ripping back is part of knitting. I love the colorway and it will be beautiful!