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Bang Out a Revolution


I washed my swatch and lost half an inch: 5.5 to 5 inches. I just split for the sleeves. Size 40 needs needs 9.5 inches and I got 10.75 inches. I’m also knitting a size larger than I usually knit.

I love how the stitch definition popped after washing!



It is beautiful!! Looking forward to seeing you in it when it’s done. The number of tries doesn’t matter as long as you’re learning & having fun doing it.


Thanks! I’ll try that!


I’m getting a lot of knitting time watching “The Lord of the Rings”. What are others watching/listening?


Thank you. This is the yoke iwas immediately drawn to. I think I may use it again one day.


Is it really just accross the center back? The way I read the pattern you put markers on either side on the front 3 center repeats and the short rows go accross all the other repeats. By the time I’m done with the short rows, the center repeat in the front is the only repeat without any short row stitches. Maybe I’m not reading it correctly?


Yes, I think we’re saying something similar. The rows begin across the center of the back and widen with each turn leaving the front un-short-rowed.


You are correct, but the majority of the increased depth will be on the back.


I just finished the short rows last night.

I have 10 inches before the increase row. Since I’m knitting with the Rowan denim and lose 2 inches die every 9.5 do I add 2 inches to length before the armhole split?



Okay Ann! Here’s what I’ve done so far on my #Bangoutarevolution sweater…I can’t believe I did this! Me! Thank you for the challenge! I followed Norah Gaughan’s labybug cable from Interchange (ability) and am knitting with Periwinkle Merino DK in Hydrangea (which I purchased from you guys). Thanks again!


Lovely work and a great color.


Thank you! So sweet of you to say! Can’t wait to wear it! Virgina


Ok, one more question. If I mark out either end of the three center front sections, that leaves me with five sections for the “back”. Do I end up short rowing over all of those five sections? And not the center three that were marked out at all?


You will go in to the outside 2 of 3 with the short rows, t not “through “ them all the way. You are right on the other 5.


Thanks Linda!
I’m about to start swatching. I’ll keep an eye on your progress!


Whoa… looking amazing!!


Isn’t it so excellent?


Anita! You’re ahead of me! I’m so jealous. I’m going to catch up over the weekend. Gonna be a very blue weekend!

I think you are right about adding the 2 inches before the increases.

As a principle of translating a pattern into “denimese,” if there is shaping coming up, you want to add your extra rows before it starts (in this case to avoid having the armholes placed too high after the shrinkage), and then if it’s shaping that’s spread out over many rows (such as waist or sleeve shaping), you want to distribute your 15% within each little section. So for example, if the pattern says to increase every 10th row, when using denim, you increase every 12th row. It’s ok to be approximate with that 15 percent, so that you’re not increasing in an awkward way, the important thing is that you are spreading the extra length out evenly between the shaping rows.

I wish we could sit together and do this!


Is there a prize for dumbest knitter. I was almost finished with short rows and realized I was making the wrong size. My Aunt used to say “you knit, you rip”. Frogging

also—do you just reuse frogged yarn or wash it ?



Can I claim second prize for dumbest knitter? After separating for body and sleeves this morning I had a panic attack that my sleeves were big forming gaping holes and not attached to my yoke…before realizing that I’m knitting top down :see_no_evil: