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Bang Out a Revolution


@cainrdc the Interchange pattern comes with 4 charts (Ladybird, Baroque, Rope and Braid, and Swirl Topper), and instructions on how to “choose your own adventure” a pattern. It’s a bit like a step-by-step worksheet. You can opt to buy the patterns, fully written out, instead if you prefer - but this isn’t necessary. The Interchange “worksheet” is also compatible with the 3 charts from Revolution (Calligraphy, Liberty Tree, Elaine) - so if you have both you can mix and match any of the body shapes/styles, necklines, sleeves, etc from the 7 chart patterns :smile:


An easy way to join in is by using our new MDK Field Guide No. 9: Revolution, which features three designs by Norah Gaughan that are each written as complete patterns–no need to do anything but follow the pattern. Three of the cable stitch yokes are interchangeable, if you want to mix and match one of the sweater silhouettes with a yoke design you like.


I really want the swirl topper with long sleeves so i think I can just use the sleeve instructions from liberty tree other than the ribbing. With this crowd cheering me on, I’m sure I will get it done.


I am also fully smitten with the Swirl Topper cable.

I haven’t done any swatching or mathing yet, but my imagination would like to knit the Swirl cable in the cardigan, with 3/4 or longer sleeves, in DK yarn (Harrisville nightshades) I have stashed. I just ordered the Field Guide. While I wait for it to arrive, I’ll be swatching…

I’ve never done anything quite like this, and I’m excited to see how (if!) it comes together.


I’m in but I have no idea what I’m going to knit or out of what. Let’s see how that works out for me!


Think I will join in also! My DIL has requested a fuzzy sweater. I think I can pick one of these and make it fuzzy using some yarn and mohair! Pam


Can I bang-along by working on my Weekender from the Mayhem-along? Because I can’t pick a cable chart (I narrowed it down to 6 - 3 from Revolution, 3 from Interchange) and I need to free up needles.


Yo Yo---- I’m about to be Bangin! Currently, I’m banging out a Carbeth Cardigan (because I’m timely like that), but that will achieve bangation in time to Bang out a Calligraphy Cardigan in delicious green apple DK. I’m currently mulling the cable yoke, I love the one shown in blue so much that I may have a hard time veering from that. Excited to see what y’all commence to bang!!!


I adore the blue short sleeve cardigan so will most likely do that! Excited to bang it ouu! With everyone.


I’ve spent all day looking at Interchange and Revolution patterns and may finally have a decision. I’m going with the Liberty Tree Sweater, but without the bobbles. Although I reserve the right to change the yoke to Swirl :thinking:


I cannot get the yarn I ordered to knit to the correct gauge so…am currently swatching out of stash. Hopefully will find one that works!


I did Hadley and stopover but carbeth is still on my list. I can’t remember what I was doing last year. Maybe my husband’s sweater.


Hi. I’m new to this place. (MDK) and immediately read site every day. I want in on this banging out a sweater in a month. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a sweater and am often not happy with collar or something. Been making blankets, scarves, shawls and dishcloths. Ready to try again.


That’s my question too! For the same reason.


It’s such a straightforward knit, almost meditative when you get the sleeves attached and march to the top. I really wish that I knew how to pronounce ‘Carbeth’. I’m sure it’s not how I say it! Knit on!


It looks it. I have yarn for it also. Just other commitments last Feb.


I have not looked at the cardi construction, but I’m thinking just look at liberty tree for the sleeve instructions or swirl topper, but then you need to buy another pattern (that or interchange).


I am ready to go! Have the Field Guide and ordered the Periwinkle Sheep DK yarn for the Calligraphy Cardigan. Can’t wait to join in the fun! I also have the Interchange patterns and might use one of the cable patterns from that for a second Calligraphy cardigan!


I am so conflicted about this. I live in New Orleans. Making a sweater is as practical here as making a bikini for Alaska. :wink:

Maybe short sleeved, but even with that, I gotta find a light weight yarn.


I live in Los Angeles but may make one anyway