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Bang Out a Revolution


I don’t wash mine, but I sometimes switch skeins and let the yarn rest. It sort of depends on how much I frog and how the yarn looks.


What are the little thingies at the ends of the needles called? They look madly useful!


9 rounds from sleeve separation!


I’m confused on the calligraphy cardigan row 29…
The 4/3 RPC…slip 2 to cn in back…k4…p3 from cn.
Should I slip 3 to cn. Thanks for the help. Wasn’t sure where to go to ask this question.


Hi Lynn–you’re correct: there’s a typo in the cable instruction for 4/3 RPC.

4/3 RPC should read: Slip next 3 sts to cn in back, k4, p3 from cn.

Our apologies for the error!


Yahoo! My yarn arrived today! I will convert skeins to cakes, and try for gauge this evening after our visiting grandson (4 years old) goes to bed. I am going with Good Wool from Purl Soho in Driftwood Grey. So soft!


Thank you for the help…


My Calligraphy cables are a a little more open than everyone else’s using Manos Milo, but I’m loving the lightness of it, perfect for upcoming autumn in Australia.


I see that sabograd answered. : )


I re-skein and steam mine if it’s too kinky.


I love that yarn!


So after a false start I’ve just finished the cable chart for Rope and Braid, in the Rimu I bought in New Zealand (souvenir yarn). My stockinette stitch swatch was two rows short of gauge and the yoke chart knitted to 6.25 inches which seems a bit shallow, so I’m thinking of adding another motif/8 rows. All advice/input welcome,


They really are wonderful but I’m afraid I have no idea what they’re called​:laughing:. I do think I may have gotten them at Knit Picks in a little kit with stitch markers and similar accessories. They may just simply be called point protectors. You’re right; they are very useful!:grin:


Thanks! I’ll have to get some.


Thanks for the encouragement! Fourth time was the charm! This is fun.


Fourth time worked. Now I’m on my way! What I love is watching the pattern unfold. How often I marvel at how designers create out of thin air!!


Well, it seems that according to gauge you’re only the equivalent of 3 rounds shorter than expected - so my question is which size are you doing? The short rows will add a depth of 18 or 20 rows which should be another 2.5 inches to the back measurement. Unless you’re knitting the 4th size or larger you may end up with too much depth.


Thank you! I’m trying…Cheers!


Interesting…I have yet to wash/block a sweater. I’ve seem where you can put a wet towel on the sweater and place a hot iron on it…It steams the sweater…but I don’t know. I’m very new to this…


well I am finally off and running should start the chart today. As per usual with me I saw something I wanted make and it is for Intermediate knitters and I am probably an advanced beginner. Oh well thanks to everyone’s help I will make it. The yarn is a dream to knit with and so I am anxious to get some REAL progress on it. 6 rows of ribbing and 6 rows of w&T isn’t much to show yet so I’ll see if I can get the W&T done today so I can show it off tomorrow. or later today