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Bang Out a Revolution


There’s always that one cousin who is different from the rest. Consider yourself Marilyn from The Munsters.


Wow! Hope all went well with your surgery. Norah Gaughan’s cables are like PT for the brain.


Thanks! Cascade 220 Heathers, Mystic Purple.


No it’s a3\4 sleeved fingerling weight pullover


I wish I could knit faster. The body of sweaters seemto take forever to complete!


Looks great though.


It’s looking fabulous​:blue_heart::+1:


I went in a different direction with my sweater in a couple respects.


This is really pretty!! So feminine looking👍


I thought about doing a v-neck; but haven’t done one before and wasn’t sure I had the technical ability to figure it out on my own. Yours looks beautiful!


I havent started yet. I was going to be insane and try to do a fingering weight, because i will mever get to wear a worsted one.

But, i know i can kill 250yds worsted a day, so, sometime this weekend if the week is nice to me i will start, and probably finish by the skin of my teeth. Eek.


I can’t wait to see how you add the placket. Such a fun modification!


Ohhh… unique & very pretty


Third start… gauge is now even & constant thru row 20. The brain/coordination is getting better. & weirdly I’m getting used to the hand (really just the thumb & 2 fingers now) numbness. Left side of face still numb but the eyes can last longer than an hour at a time. Healing progress & knitting progress. WIN/WIN


The yellow is beautiful and makes me yearn for Spring.


thank you! i’m really enjoying this kal!


If you use the Interchange pattern, the worksheet will talk you through using a different weight yarn. I would recommend going no smaller than DK, because the motif will be awfully small in fingering, and the shaping will all be up at the top and not spread over the shoulders as much as you might like.


You’d have to redo at least one of the cable wedges.


This split neck is cool. I can’t wait to see it progress!


Looking great!