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Bang Out a Revolution


Nicely done!


Your garter substitution looks great!


There are so many lovely Revolutions here! Here is a photo of mine before the neck and sleeves were complete.



Knitting at work (lunch hour, of course)! Finished the cable secrion and divided for sleeves. Now it’s just knit, knit, knit!


Thanks for the advice. I will see what i have in DK. If nothing else, i will do it in worsted and gift it to someone.


Working on the Calligraphy Cardigan in the Merino DK from Periwinkle Sheep in Beaujolais. Below the sleeve division at the second increase.


Here is my Liberty Tree yoke. I’m way behind after having to frog due to messing up the special bobbles, which I didn’t catch until I’d done all of the short rows. I really wanted to finish this one before I leave for London in early March. In any event, I am enjoying the pattern and the yarn (Berrocco Ultra Wool in “Basil”).


Looking great, Jennifer! #TeamGreen


Those bobbles were worth the frogging! They look great - I really like the Liberty Tree pattern.


The neckband is complete, because I just had to see it, and now the ribbing is begun.


@nellknits you really do knit like the wind! It’s beautiful so far. Any tips on picking up the neckband?


I agree with your assessment of the extra rows, so I compared the yoke with two yoked sweaters I knit last year, at the same gauge, and found it was indeed a little short so I added the extra 8 rows and it is still measuring just about the same size as the ones that fit well. So assuming I don’t get bit in the butt by blocking, I think I’m on the right track. Thanks so much for your input, so valuable to have another brain working on the question!


Six rows from the hem and n the body. Stopping for the night. Will decide about hem needle size while I sleep!


Thanks, I’m really lucky to have quite a bit of knitting time at my day job.
As for the neck, I cast on provisionally to avoid having to pick up and worked a decrease round.
My advice would be to pick up evenly across each cable chart section, such as 1 in each background stitch and maybe 2 out of 3 in each cabled section, then count and reduce, again, evenly. My neckband averaged 11 stitches per chart section, btw.


In case your still planning to do the cable on the sleeve, here’s a tip I learned after much trial & error. Since you’ll be knitting in the opposite direction of the way you did the yoke you have to reverse the cables(i.e., switch RCs to LCs and vice versa):grin:. Took me quite a few frogging episodes to figure that one out!:laughing:


I’ve finally started my Liberty Tree Pullover. I’ve got bobbles!!


Love this. Absolutely have to try this cable yoke next.


Thrilling! It just doesn’t get better than bobbles. That yarn is so beautifully murky–love it!


I love this yarn too…It’s not sure if it’s dark gray or black or maybe a really dark blue!!!


I loooooove this variation. It’s beautiful!