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Bang Out a Revolution


So I looked at The Calligraphy Cardigan and already have a question about the increases. On the yoke- does it mean you increase 2 st every time you get to an *. ?


Pls look at my question about increases


Maybe the cardigan for over a tank top or dress?


You will only work an increase at a M1L or M1R. The asterisk means to repeat that section around the entire yoke.


But it says “inc 2 st per rep on Rs…”


Continuing the discussion from Bang Out a Revolution:

Let me know if you get an answer


But it says

Inc 2 stars per rep on RS rows


Plan to make Calligraphy, but need to do 3/4 sleeves in size 36-38. One or 2 extra skeins? Pls be gentle, I’m a new member!


I’m in! I’ve been making lots of hats, socks, and an infinity scarf lately, so I think I’m ready to try a sweater.

I’m thinking a cap sleeve sweater with the Rope & Braid pattern from Interchange. Next step if picking out yarn! I’m also hoping to start practicing that cable pattern with some scrap yarn for now.

This is my first time on MDK, looking forward to making a sweater with everyone!


Remember the Stopover? I’m so ashamed to tell you that mine is hibernating. I would like to bang it out in Feb with you all. ??


Oh, I’ve got a 3/4 Hadley that needs some sleeve-banging! Definitely bang out whatever needs to be banged!


All right. We are on for Feb.!


Yes. On RS (right side) row 3 M1R and M1L are written in as the increases, and on rows 5, 7, 9, 11, 15 and 19 they are actually written as YO’s which will be worked through the back loop on the following row.


I’m so excited for Bang out a Sweater! My LYS recommended a silk-wool blend which is more open than I’m used to, but will have great drape for the Ropes and Twists pattern. I already swatched both the stockinette and cables. Ready to go!


I loved reading Ann’s Deer in Headlights letter about this Bang Out. Although I wasn’t really considering the KAL (not sure if I could finish a sweater in the shortest month of the year), I was really enjoying perusing the patterns and comments from others about which pattern/yarn they were considering. And then I saw the Rope and Braid pattern with that gorgeous cable and lovely high-low hem and my heart got to fluttering. Lots of knitting with that long silhouette, but oh SO pretty. Even if I don’t finish… well, I’m thinking about it now! :slight_smile:


You can use the Liberty Tree sleeve - the numbers should be the same (or almost). It’s , like you said, just making it longer with some decreases thrown in.


Use the Liberty Tree sleeve instructions for the cardi and stop at the length you like.


Try the Liberty Tree pullover but substitute the cables from Elaine’s capelet.


I was busy and indecisive last February and finally bought yarn for Carbeth in late July…but have yet to cast on. As much as I love the Revolution patterns, I might use February to finally get Carbeth knit. :smiley:


Yes, you are right!