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Bang Out a Revolution


Finished the ribbing last night on #3 needle and it looks perfect! On to the sleeves…


That’s so lovely! I love all your mods–the open neckline is such a cool idea. Way to go! Have fun blocking–I love blocking.


Looks beautiful Emz!!!


Thanks for your encouragement, Ann!:grin:


I’m not participating in the Bang Out, but was reading the thread today and found your video links for the German Short Row. I’m about to do some W&Ts on my Fernet Branca sweater, and will use this T&W technique rather than the W&Ts. Thank you so much for sharing this!


Good idea to line button bands. :blush:


All the beautiful sweaters! Mine is slow going as I had not realized the mobility I lost after carpal tunnel release surgery. Just getting to the short rows but still hoping that the stockinette will go faster than the cables.


Looks beautiful!!!
Speed doesn’t matter… just enjoy the knit & take care If yourself.


Why not bang out a second sweater? Or at least try! I’m goi g with Calligraphy, but in the round with long sleeves! Using dovestone dk- which unfortunately has been discontinued?


Ahhhhhhhh! I have spilled coffee on my Calligraphy cables! Have patted between two water soaked towels which has got most of it, but two spots are still darker. Should I soak now (at dividing for sleeves stage) or wait until finished? Does coffee permanently stain wool/ linen?


I’m thinking the sooner the better. Even if that delays the knitting a bit :open_mouth:. I think the staining is somewhat dependent on the make up of your yarn, but coffee can stain.


Did you go down a needle size for the hem?


I’m doing the Capelet too. I am assuming I can just keep going if I try it on and want it longer. I’m not there yet but I’d either do the math and write down the added rows or…depending how I think it would look, switch to stockinette or seed stitch. Any thoughts anyone?


I love what you’ve done! Looks beautiful!


Thanks. I thought working the capelet longer in stockinette would work. Just wondered about any additional increases.


Looks great!


I finished the first sleeve with the cable motif added. I wanted a roomier sleeve so only decreased 3 times. I may use the buttons I have laid out. Onto sleeve#2. Great adventures for a snowy day. A roaring fire, snow out the window, a cup of tea, Louise Penny audiobook and my knitting…all I need is the beagle curled up beside me. Happy knitting everyone!


One sleeve done / to go.


Yes, I did. I’m happy with the results.


Continuing the discussion from Bang Out a Revolution:

Just looking for verification here…have finished the yoke on Row 47 which is WS row, so do I purl the next row (rs) ? Also, a little confused when it says change to stockinette stitch…I assume that’s what the back neck rows are?

This is my first sweater and I don’t want to mess up and get frustrated! Thanks for the help!