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Bang Out a Revolution


Hi Ann,
I’m not sure which sweater you’re making, but as far as I know all of the bodies are knit in stockinette which would mean to purl the wrong side rows.
Ask every question that you have! This will be the first of many sweaters…


Thanks so much ! I’m knitting the calligraphy cardigan !



Spent the day in Philly doing post-op visits… impressed the doctor & staff with my ninja knitting skills (left thumb & pointer finger still numb so I don’t use them)… yeah, it’s interesting & entertaining to watch


SLEEVES… two of them!!!


Row 47 is a right side row so you purl the next row which is WS. Place your markers and continue with the short row shaping in stockinette.


I’m so happy with how this is turning out. Slow going but it’s really not a race!!


I’m doing the Swirl Topper and I think there’s a line missing on page 4 of the pattern. Does everyone else’s pattern look like this?image|281x500



Mine looks like yours, I read it (possibly not correctly) as the knit straight and knit around as being duplicative— just go around until xx inches from underarm. Worked fine for me even if wrong. Some patterns use “knit straight” as just keep going…


That’s what I did too…was thrown for a bit but it was what made sense. Even though I’ve knit quite a lot, and several sweaters, I still get thrown by directions that assume that you know the obvious when I never seem to know the obvious. So instead of saying purl across the next row before starting short rows, it skips that, I assume because she says change to stockinette stitch which I guess is her way of saying since you ended on a knit row, you need to purl back before the next set of instructions. I’m hoping that someday I’ll get to the place in my knitting where I intuit what I need to do next if the instructions aren’t quite clear to me. I often feel that I’m the only one knitting a piece that struggles with instructions.


Thank you !


Thanks! I really messed up when I divided for the sleeves and had to rip back quite a bit, so I’m a little paranoid now.


You’re done with the cables-I’m guessing you’re making the calligraphy cardigan. If you ended with the wrong side you knit the next row. Yes from now on you will be working in stockinette stitch. Keep on -you’re doing well on your first sweater


I think I need to tink the bindoff and redo in knit so it resembles the photo of the Calligraphy cardigan.


How did you add the cable to the sleeve?


No, you are not alone. I’ve been knitting for decades and still have trouble at times.


I’m adding 3/4 length sleeves to Calligraphy Cardigan. I’m following the directions for Liberty Tree sleeves, but not sure about spacing of decreases. I’d like the sleeve to taper and end at 12 inches. Any thoughts?


Hi. I used this lady’s directions from Ravelry:
Basically she (and I) started with row 37 of the cable pattern and ended at the cuff with row 6. I measured how many rows per inch I have in my knitting and then divided the 31 rows of the cable pattern with my rows per inch. In my case it was 31 divided by 6.5. That told me when to start the cable pattern (4 3/4inches before the desired length of the sleeve). She centered the chart with the center of the sleeve and stitch 27 on the chart. One piece of advice I received and was very helpful was to remember that the cable is being worked in the opposite direction from what is written. So when I got to a cable row I worked the cable at the end of the sentence first and kept working backwards to the start of the instructions for that row. Let me know if that does not make sense to you and I’ll explain it in more detail. I was a bit nervous about doing it, but the length of the sleeve and the cable turned out just right. Let me know how it goes. Have fun and don’t hesitate to ask me to clarify.


I appreciate knowing this! I knit a lot of Heidi Kirrmaier patterns because her instructions are so clear. Well, and because I like so many of her patterns too.


I am unfamiliar with Heidi, but looked up her designs on Ravelry. They are very nice. I’m glad to know they are written well. Kathy Zimmerman has wonderful designs - specializes in cables and her instructions are excellent. I think the Calligraphy Cardigan is well written. I just had to learn how to do the German short rows.


Cable on the sleeve. I also used a small cuff of 1 inch of the K2p2to match the neck and button bands.