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Bang Out a Revolution


I, too, am not sure about the bind off. I just bound my Calligraphy Cardigan off and it looks a little too wavy for my taste. So, you undid your bind off and ended on the right side? I think I might try this.


I just did a sweater with a 2x2 ribbed neckline and the suggested bindoff was to treat the purls as a k2together and knit the bindoff. Maybe some similar mod can help here?


According to an email that I had with Norah, the rib should be bound off knit-wise on a Wrong Side row. I bound off in the rib pattern on my bands as I prefer that look.


I will try this, thanks!


I agree - that’s what I did with mine. I love the color you are using!


I did - I ended the ribbing with a RS row, K one row on the WS, and then bound off in purl on the right side.
I also bound off fairly firmly - mine was wavy the first time too.


Thank you! It’s “Copper Pipe” from The Periwinkle Sheep. It is a delight to work with!


Heidi has a couple of free patterns on her site so you could look at those to see how she sets up her instructions. They are different than any other I’ve come across so far.


Thank you!


I knit one row on RS then bound off in knit on WS.


So excited!! :tada:
Complete except for buttons.
Digging thru the button box to see if I have something that will work.

Bonus… the pattern called for 650-800 yards.
I had 2 skeins of Yowza (500 yds each). I only used one skein & had about 10 yds left over from that. So I either had a very generous skein or ??? Not complaining :blush:


I am wondering if it’s a good idea to use a smaller needle for hem and collar facings on my swirl sweater. Or possible a slightly thinner yarn?


Impressive! And I covet your button box. :heart_eyes:


Not much progress this week, but I have weekend goals: finish the body NO MATTER WHAT and at least get the collar stitches on the needles. Today’s MDK “How To” from Patty Lyons is very illuminating and explains why my measured length and the length when I try it on don’t match up. I’ll never not swatch again.


Just finished armholes. Worked k2p2 ribbing similar to other bands. Love the cap sleeves. If I had the yarn in stash I’d cast on for another. Here’s photo but needs ends woven in and blocking.


Thank you… the button box was originally my nana’s, handed down to my mom, then to me. There are buttons in there that are decades old!
I remember, as a kid, loving to dig thru & sort all the buttons, when I visited my nana.


Such a cute thing! You’re wearing it like a professional! Congrats!


Thank you. Really love how the fit came out.


Okay, now I know that most everyone is incredibly farther along than me, but I am really taking every lesson that I can from this. Patty’s last two articles, along with the one about grist turned on the tiny light bulb in my brain. I had made several swatches in an attempt to use what turned out to be the completely wrong yarn and was becoming rather frustrated. Bad idea for something that I do for fun, right? So using all the tips and math offered up I foundttt a yarn I thought would work with my knitting style, free t, washed, blocked and measured and VOILA! I have attained gauge. Woo hoo! So, maybe it won’t be completed until February 200th, but I am ready for the adventure to continue.


So I guess spell check thinks swatched should have been free t??