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Bang Out a Revolution


Whoo Hoo!! Was showing the hubster all the beautiful sweaters everyone here was knitting… I left him with my phone while I went to get a shower… he just ordered the Revolution Guide Book for me!! A revolution Sweater is in my future!!!


Yay!!! You have the advantage of having everybody’s questions and answers to refer to :wink: So what yarn are you going with & what pattern?


I’m in love with the calligraphy cardigan (with long sleeves). Not sure of the yarn.

I have some Foxhill Farms Cormo from Rhinebeck. It’s enough to do two sweaters… one for me & one for Drew (my enabling hubster)… goal was Rhinebeck sweaters for this year. I am still on the fence about what sweaters to make with it. I don’t want matching, thinking coordinating… not sure yet. So maybe???

Otherwise, would need to wait for my LYS (Woolbearers) to reopen. The ceiling collapsed due to a water pipe break & shop’s been closed all this month. Myra always has amazing yarn. I’m not cleared to drive yet, so there is time to think on it. In the meantime, I’ll stash dive & knit other things.


Well I am probably way behind on my goal of finishing by Feb 34, but a pic from a couple days ago indicates how my denim yarn calligraphy will look after some fading (i haven’t washed it, this is just a trick of daytime bright lighting - it’s currently much darker)


And I owe everyone for my continuing education. Thanks to everyone!!:rose::rose:I am going to do the Calligraphy cables on the Liberty Tree body using Lion Brand Z Twist in a juicy cranberry. But before I actually jump into the sweater I plan on trying a cable swatch to work through the early learning phase.


Great Patti👍 Keep us posted!


I redid my bindoff as a knit instead of a purl and it straightened itself out nicely.


@sabograd went down a needle size for her Swirl and said it worked well. I’m planning to do the same.


Just to clarify I went down one size for hem and sleeves. I haven’t finished the second sleeve yet. I believe the pattern calls for a needle 2 sizes down for the neckline. I will probably do that and will decide then about another smaller needle or not. The neckline is wide anyway so I may not feel the need since it will be drawn in by being smaller than the top of the body anyway. @Beccary in case you don’t have notifications on this thread. I missed your question.


It’s just lovely! I just have 2 questions-how did you make the cap sleeve-I like the look of that length and I’m worried the original sleeve might be too short. The other is I’m curious about size. I thought I measured correctly but am worried mine might be too tight. Which size did you do to get that nice fit? I tend to be impulsive and maybe didn’t measure correctly​:grimacing::heart_eyes:


That’s what I did and it looks great.


I picked up as pattern. Then knit one row working a Kobe to increase one stitch to have a multiple of 4. Then I worked 4 rows in k2p2 rib. Knit one row and bound off in purl. I really like the final length of my cap sleeves and like the ribbing that matches the neck and bottom.


Sorry forgot to say I knit the 45 size. I have bust of 42 and I always like ease of 3-4 hours niches on a cardigan.


Thanks for the details - how deep did you knit the bottom and sleeve hems? I’m using the Interchange pattern, and it just says “desired


I did the amount from the original pattern. 2 1/2” on body and 2” on sleeve. Looks fine and I have lefty of yarn, but could have easily done less. I think this depth just ensures nobody will be likely to “see” the sewing.


Thanks so much for your responses. Just one more question-what is a Kobe increase.


Sorry. Auto correct changed Kfb!!


Finished with everything but the buttons. Waiting for the hand painted buttons (white and blue) to arrive.


Looks great


Beautiful color! Nice job.