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Bang Out a Revolution


It’s beautiful!!


Big sigh…time to tink(knit backwards…rip) My sleeve lengths are different. Guess one should not do measurements on a soft chair when one has a bad head cold. Turning into a :frog: tonight…ripit ripit ripit.


That looks great! I like th boxy look too.


Thanks, I’m on the second sleeve, and the neck ribbing is done. I think I’m gonna get this done by the 28th! Woo hoo!


When you knit sleeves, run a long length of waste yarn between stitches in a column. Move it between stitches from front to back or back to front every 5 rows. Then you have a kind of basting thread running up the sleeve which allows you to easily count stitches and match sleeve length perfectly.


3 more rows and I’m finished with the Calligraphy chart! I will make the body of ropes and braids!
Love the cables! Love knitting in the round!


Thiiiiiis close!


Wow gorgeous!!!


I think I’d win the prize with you Leeza223! I finished my short rows, was admiring my handiwork when I realised that 3 of my special bobbles were off centre! My husband said no-one would notice but I carefully ripped back within each cable to fix my mistake but eventually ripped out back to the special bobble row and redid all of tgem, then repeated my short rows and was ready to divide for the body when I realised the sweater was waaaay too big! So it all got frogged!! And I started again. I’m glad I did. First sweater, first cables, first short rows. What a steep learning curve. Happy knitting. X


Weekend goals met! I hope to have the collar facing done today. Still dithering over sleeve length, but I would love to have all the knitting finished by February 28 and do the finishing on February 29 and 30 :smirk: I bound off for the bottom hem, but haven’t stitched it yet. Will probably graft the collar facing. I’m assuming I should do all the hemming before blocking. Has anyone finished Swirl and/or have any thoughts about the finishing?


Thank you. I’m going to do this retroactively. Excellent idea.


I’m going to thank you once again. I did as you suggested and now have perfect confidence to move into the cable pattern on the sleeve. What a stress reducer!:grinning:


I’m hemming before blocking. Yours looks great. I’m almost done with the second sleeve but my dog just worked himself into a position that makes knitting tough. I also hope to finish the knitting by the 28th.


Waaah…! My denial came to an end this weekend: my sweater is too small through the shoulders and I’ve got to do some frogging. I still like the yoke and I think it’s ok through the short rows, and I might be able to just add a second increase row of another 15 stitches. I think that might do the trick. But I won’t make the month deadline. :frowning: it’s been a steep learning curve with denim yarn though. At the moment, I am disheartened (I hate going backwards!), but ultimately, I love denim yarn and this will surely not be my last denim project. I’ve had Bright sweater by Junko in my favorites for a while- i think it would be gorgeous in denim! Also, many more Norah cabled projects in my future! Now, my readjusted knitting goals: put this aside for a bit and work on 2-3 other WIPs and let my frustration cool; and 4 finished sweaters by Rhinebeck, one of which will be my denim calligraphy. It’s really all good. One thing I also learned: I could have definitely finished a sweater this month if I had used wool, and I really never imagined I could do that before! (I am a generally slow knitter.) So, I’ve loved my first Bang out a Sweater experience, and all the help and suggestions many of you provided - happy knitting, everyone!!


Finished! I still need to block, but it’s all done and feels lovely!


I really in enjoyed the 28 day knit along. I got a little nervous last week when my time to work started to get low, but thank goodness for all this rain in Philly. Hot tea and Netflix helped me push through!


Really cute​:heart_eyes::+1:


Buttons sewn on… DONE!!

Took a small break this weekend as I needed to relearn how to drive… I passed!!!
And doctor cleared me to start work the week of March 4th YAY!!!

I’m loving all the beautiful sweaters & the progress being made over the month!!!


Love how this fits! It will be a great summer sweater for the PNW.


Love the Henley idea.