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Bang Out a Revolution


I really like the short sleeves!


Second sleeve is in the books! :ok_hand:


What sleeve length did you choose?


Beautiful @Pctknitter


Long. Just about 17”


So glad this worked out for you. I use this trick any time I have to make two matching things like sleeves or socks.


Love the button band and opening like a Henley. Great idea


I made it with long sleeves with cables near the cuffs. Love it!


Looks wonderful!!


Whoa. I finished last night. Can’t believe that my slow hands did this, and it’s so scrumptious!


Congratulations! It looks so beautiful!


Beautiful! Love the color!


This is so gorgeous! Beautiful color!


This turned out beautifully!


Emz, did you change anything about the sleeve pattern?


Very nice!


Had finished my calligraphy but didn’t have enough yarn in stash for another. Found some deep purple and cast on for a capelet. Just finished the liberty tree cables so on to stockinette. Will see if I can finish by end of month


Beautifully done! Love the color.


Progress so far. A bit behind but enjoying the process! How does everyone take such good knitting selfies!? I found it very challenging and managed to drop half my stitches off the needles in the process, even though I put it on two circulars before I tried it on. This is going to be a warm sweather for the increasingly cold winters in the PNW - the yarn I used has some alpaca and it felt very cozy when I tried it on. Planning to add the long sleeves…


Finished my sweater and blocked it last night. Can’t wait for it to dry so I can wear it!